Zombie Cakes is the 41st episode of Season 6.

Summary Edit

The Cakes and Pinkie Pie plan a special Haunted Hub Halloween Party for everyone tonight. But the Dark Forces plan to ruin the party by adding some zombifying season to the cake and cupcakes that turns everyone at the party into mindless zombies. Now Pinkie Pie, Lief, Komodo, Sasquatch Mouse, Unicorn, Rex, and Twilight Sparkle, along with the Cake Twins that they need to protect must find the antidote before Hub City is invaded with zombies!

Plot Edit

The episode starts with Cake family and Pinkie Pie preparing their Haunted Hub Halloween Party by making sweet treats (cakes, cupcakes, pie, etc.). Meanwhile, Pinkie Pie was taste testing (well, eating) all the treats which Carrot Cake and Cupcake had to start all over again while Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake were giggling and eating the treats with Pinkie Pie. Just then, Twilight and Lief, who were wearing their costumes, came in to check on things when they noticed Pinkie and the Cake Twins eating all the treats.

Luckily, Twilight manages to stop them by using her magic to lift the treats way up high to keep them safe from Pinkie or the twins while Lief helped Carrot and Cup Cake make more treats for the party. After saving the treats and finishing the last cakes, Lief and Twilight left to help with the decorations but just around the corner, were the Dark Forces with a little bottle with green liquid inside in one of their hands.

While Cupcake and Carrot Cake were busy decorating the Halloween cake, the Dark Forces each poured the potion into all the treats and jumped back outside through the window just in time before the Cakes saw them.

Trivia Edit

Transcript Edit

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