Youngmee Song (송영미) is one of Blythe Baxter's best friends, whom she met during her first day at Downtown City
Youngmee 9875
High, along with Sue Patterson and Jasper Jones. She is also the only person to be aware of Blythe's secret ability to talk to animals.

Her aunt is Christie, a woman who runs a sweet shop.

Personality Edit

Youngmee is a somewhat soft-spoken, but intelligent girl. Bythe finds her almost encyclopedic knowledge somewhat creepy. Youngmee is also a very good student, as seen in "Feud for Thought". However, she is fairly sensitive to criticism, as she became saddened when Blythe implied her pet snacks weren't as good as she thought.

Youngmee appears to be Blythe's closest friend since her move, as Blythe spends the most time with her out of any of her friends. Blythe trusted her enough to reveal her secret to her in "The Secret Recipe". 

Appearance Edit

Youngmee is a girl of Korean descent with pale colored skin and somewhat slanted purple eyes. She wears her black hair up in low buns with two pink-purple flowers. She wears a green shirt with a heart design on the front and yellow sleeves, black flat shoes, shorts and purple leggings.

Other Outfits Edit

  • For Gym class, Youngmee wears a long sleeved blue shirt with a

short pair of orange shorts, white socks and blue-purple sneakers. Her hair is worn the same way.

  • The Mathlete's top is yellow with a deep purple icon in the middle and green lining.

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