Treedom! is the 25th episode of Season 2.

Summary Edit

Mouse joins an Environment Nature Club called the Treedom Club, which is a club that takes care of animals, plants trees and flowers, and saves any environment from any danger.

Plot Edit

The episode starts with the teacher announcing that the Club and Activity Fair has come again and this year, students must join at least one or more than one club. Later, in the gym, there were stands with signs up above them. There was a violin club (which was Komodo's club for students who play the violin or want to learn how to play the violin), Twilight Sparkle's club was called the Magical Friendship Club, and the Cooking and Baking Club lead by Strawberry Shortcake.

Mouse and Unicorn are walking around choosing which club would fit for Mouse. Unicorn suggests that she and Mouse should join the Jewelry Workshop, but Mouse just doesn't think she should join that club because she wants one that's her type, so Unicorn decides to join it on her own and signs in the sign-up sheet.

Suddenly, Jasmine calls Mouse at a stand. She and Unicorn walk over to the stand and meet with Jasmine who tells Mouse that her club, which is called Treedom Club, works with nature (ex. animals, plants), and asks if she would like to join in. With a smile on her face, Mouse excitedly agrees so Jasmine holds out the clipboard and Mouse signs on the paper with a pen.

After signing the sign-up sheet, Mouse jumps up with joy which caught everyone's attention but Mouse managed to calm herself, even though she was too excited for tomorrow.

In geography class the next afternoon, Mouse was so excited that she only paid attention to the clock instead of Mr. Longface's geography lesson. When the end of school bell rang, she jumped out of her seat and then grabbed her school bag and rushed out of the classroom, almost knocking everyone in her way. Mouse came just in time when she saw Jasmine getting some pots with little tree saplings in them.

Trivia Edit

Transcript Edit

Jasmine: (waves her arm at Mouse and Unicorn) Hey Mouse!

Mouse: Oh, hi Jasmine. (she and Unicorn walk to her stand that has a sign which reads "Treedom Club.") Wow! Treedom Club? Cool!

Jasmine: Thanks. My club works with the plants and animals. Care to join in?

Unicorn: (encourages Mouse) Go on, Mouse. This might be the right club for you.

Mouse: Yeah! I would love to join your club. After all, I love planting, and animals.

Jasmine: Okay, great. (takes a clipboard with a sign-up sheet and a pen hanging from it) Just sign here and you're in.

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