The Tree of Harmony is a magical tree that holds the Elements of Teamwork. It is located in the Blackthorn Forest, near Princess Marillia and Princess Marina's old castle. The center of the tree has a diamond shaped like Lief's gem from his element of teamwork crown, while Marillia and Marina's heart and star symbols are on the trunk.

Depiction in the seriesEdit

Prince Komodo (Part 2)Edit

In the second part of season five's two-part premiere, Komodo shares the potion with Lief and experiences a flashback where they learns that Princess Marillia and Princess Marina discovered the Tree of Teamwork thousands of years ago. The princesses took the Elements of Teamwork from the tree and used their magic to defeat Slappy the Dummy.

According to Marillia, the tree controls and contains all that grows in the Blackthorn Forest, even without the Elements in it.

Lief, Komodo, and their friends discover that the Tree of Teamwork has lost its magic, allowing deadly plants to sprout and grow all over the Blackthorn Forest, slowly killing the tree. Lief, Komodo, and their friends give up the Elements of Teamwork and return them to the tree, recharging its magic and restoring the forest.

When the Tree of Teamwork regains its magic, a flower sprouts at its roots. The flower blooms to reveal a chest with fourteen keylocks. Princess Marillia tells Lief and Komodo that she doesn't know where the keys are. Marillia assures them that it is a mystery they will not be solving alone.

Lief's Destiny (Part 2)Edit

The tree is seen again with the Elements of Teamwork still on its branches with the mysterious chest in front of it. At the episode's climax, the tree activates the elements and connects them with the rainbow power that came from the chest. The tree then transports the chest into the ground in Hub City, which sprouts into Lief's new castle. The new castle partly resembles the tree itself.

Season sixEdit

The tree grew a new branch for Trafalgar's element of determination gem and another flower blooms to reveal a new chest with only one keyhole in The Element Of Determination (Part 1).

Season sevenEdit

The tree is mentioned by Robbie Shippton on Hub Map (Part 1), giving Lief an example on what else is there left to do.

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