The Wand of Determination is Trafalgar's new wand in episode 46 of season 6, Element of Determination (Part 2).
Wand of Determination

Appearance Edit

The wand of determination is red with a golden Chinese dragon with diamond eyes spiraling around it.

Abilities Edit

Trafalgar's wand, unlike his old wand, can cast spells that can cure sicknesses, teleport the master and his friends to places they want or need to go, grant wishes, reverse spells and curses, cause things to grow and shrink, give wings, zap enemies, and imprison evil.

In the series Edit

After Trafalgar defeated Tirek, the new chest from the Tree of Teamwork and Trafalgar's key sank into the floor of the castle floor room and mere seconds later, a great new crystal throne rises out of the floor from where the chest landed. Behold the throne's majesty as his rainbow powers wear off, with Trafalgar wondering who the throne belongs to. Lief then appears, along with his friends, and Princesses Marillia and Marina, telling Trafalgar that the throne is his. As he excitedly sits on his new throne, Trafalgar felt a poke on his behind and picks up a strange wand, which his uncle, Merlin, says it's his new wand.

Excited to try it out, he accidentally casts a spell on Jeramiah which makes him grow as big as a giant and then he casts a spell on Fury, who then starts to grow wings. They were pleased to have these gifts, but they insisted that they take them back, even if they want to keep them.

In recognition of his role, Lief designates his the new member of the Hub Squad.

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