The Lake of Youth is the 26th episode of Season 3.

Summary Edit

When Blythe's dad and Barda both turn into kids, Lief, Komodo, and the gang discovers that the water from the Spring Lake is causing the adults to de-age to 12 year olds!

Plot Edit

The episode starts with a meteorite heading straight for Hub City's Spring Lake and with a splash, it suddenly made the lake look almost magical. The next morning, Lief, Dennis, and Gnasher where walking to school talking to each other about how grown-ups are. Lief thinks that they are a bunch of killjoys, and Dennis agrees so they make fun of them by saying things adults always say to the kids.

Suddenly, Gnasher fell into the lake but Lief and Dennis help him out. As Gnasher shook the water off him, Dennis asks if he's okay and Lief insists that he's fine. But just then, Gnasher's fur began to sparkle and his body shrank into the size of a puppy!

When they made it to Hub High, Lief and Dennis take Gnasher to Komodo in the chemistry lab to look at him. When Komodo was done examining him, Dennis was overwhelmed that he might teach Gnasher to be a menace again. Lief asks Komodo if he has any idea of what might have caused all this as Komodo puts his stuff in his backpack. Komodo will head out to the lake during lunch break and take some sample there and be sure to find the cause. Lief thanks him as he and a worried Dennis leave to head for class, but Lief tells Dennis to not worry because Komodo will find a way to cure Gnasher.

Meanwhile in the meeting room, Barda the principal and Mrs. Creecher were drinking water and talking about the usual days of careless teenage sanaijans and short attention spans in the school. Mrs. Creecher then declares that tomorrow they'll never come and the students will live on forever, and Barda adds "not a thought to consequences" as he drank his water. Mrs. Creecher then believes it might a wonder if any of the students would make it to 21 years of age while Barda suggests that they should keep them safe, despite of their worst impulses. After their drinks, Mrs. Creecher feels more determined to handle her students now.

Later in class, Mrs. Creecher is about to teach her students history when Lief and Walter were whispering to Jasmine. She demands that they should return to their seats as she resumes giving out the lesson, but Lief and Walter kept whispering to Jasmine.

Having about enough, Mrs. Creecher tells the two that they are here at school for education, not for flirting and gawking at other girls. Lief tells her to give them a break and tells her that she was only young once but Mrs. Creecher says that it's not a chance and then she sends him and Walter to the back seats so they won't talk to Jasmine, but Jasmine insists that she enjoys the attention she's getting. As she got back to her desk, Mrs. Creecher asks herself how many more weeks until Spring break then drank her water bottle.

Meanwhile in the hallways, Blythe was nervously approaching the principal's office.

Characters shown in this episode Edit

  • Lief
  • Komodo
  • Dennis
  • Guy Hamdon
  • Strawberry Shortcake
  • Blythe Baxter
  • Barda
  • Rodger Baxter
  • Mrs. Creecher
  • Gnasher
  • Jasmine
  • Walter

Trivia Edit

  • This episode is based on Twisted Youth from Archie's Weird Mysteries.

Transcript Edit

(Later, in the hallways)

Komodo: Lief. I've figured out what happened to Gnasher.

Lief: Yeah, but...

Komodo: (cuts Lief off) It seems that an age reversal at the Hub City Spring Lake's water has reversed Gnasher's aging process on a cellular level.

Dennis: (rolls his eyes and frowns) I knew I shouldn't feed him too many sausages.

Lief: But the same thing just happened to Mrs. Creecher!

Komodo: That's impossible! How could she be exposed to the Hub City's Spring Lake's water?

Guy: (shrugs with no idea)

(Just then, two 12-year old versions of Barda and Roger Baxter walk into the hallway drinking their water bottles)

12-year old Barda: (shoves Guy and Twilight out of the way) Out of our way!

12-year old Roger Baxter: You heard him, punks! (pushes Lief, Dennis, and Komodo aside)

Komodo: What unpleasant and oddly dressed fellas.'

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