The Denmakers Go To Hubwood! is the 4th episode of Season 8.

Summary Edit

After going to Hubwood to have everyone hear their songs and become "stinkin' rich", the Denmakers became a pop band, and it's all Lief's and Jasmine's fault.

Plot Edit

The episode starts off at the Teamwork Hub Kingdom Castle with Lief, Jasmine, Filli, and Kree watching TV.

After they are done, they both hear the Denmakers play a new song, as they listen, they accidentally crash their skateboard and scooter into one of the amps and the furious Dennis scolds Lief, who was trying to tell him that it was an accident, and then he, Curly, Pieface, and Gnasher leave. 

After following the Denmakers to the mall, Lief, Jasmine, Filli, and Kree notice them playing for money at the frozen yogurt stand as they try to find a solution, they run into Musclez, but before they can ask for money, they are stopped by Arnold Stars who listens to the Denmakers play and is happy with their performance as they return to a studio in which Lief, Jasmine, Filli and Kree are kicked out. 

Lief and Jasmine returns to the TruMoo Cafe and finds out that Arnold Stars has turned the Denmakers into a pop band and are renamed Dennis Dude and the Dazzl 'z. 

Lief and Jasmine race to the arena to stop the show only to be stopped by Arnold Stars. As they are forced to watch the show, the Denmakers are seen back. 

The crowd riots and swallows up Arnold Stars and Dennis saves Lief and Jasmine after escaping, finding out that they were only in it to get a new amp and Dennis forgives Lief and Jasmine for ruining their old amp. Then, the episode ends with Gnasher in a limo with a pool.

Trivia Edit

  • This episode is similar to Pretty In Punk from Sanjay and Craig.

Transcript Edit

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