The Amulet of Love,Friendship,and Compassion is a magical amulet worn by Komodo's great,great,great,grandfather
The Amulet of Love,Friendship,and Compassion
King Komodo,the leader of the dragon warrior tribe.In the episode "Komodo the Mechana-Dragon Warrior,"Sasquatch found the amulet in a small sack of gold coins,gems,and a mini portrait of King Komodo in the treasure room after Komodo freed his friends from Lancer Fossil's whip by distracting him with throwing some rotten pomegranates at him.

History Edit

According to the legend,King Komodo wore the amulet of love,friendship,and compassion to bring peace and harmony to all of the Elemental Dragon Lands and used it's magic to drive the dark dragons away from his land.It said that it was the element of light and if one of the members of the Dragon Family wears the amulet,it's magic will protect them from danger or calamities.

Abilities Edit

The amulet has the power to sense when evil is near, defeat the darkness, clear the mind, make a guiding light, turn enemies into stone, turn nightmares into dreams, grant wishes, heal broken hearts, make a force field, teleport the wearer, give the power of the five elements;water,fire,earth,air,and light, and see the truth.

Appearance Edit

The Amulet of Love,Friendship,and Compassion is a golden necklace with a heart- shaped opal in the middle and blue,green,pink,and yellow gems. It is similar to the Elements of Harmony necklaces.

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