Sugar Rush! is the 8th episode of Season 7.

Summary Edit

Strange new candy at the Hub City candy shop has everyone going hyper and Lief must put a stop to it before the whole city is in a sugar rush!

Plot Edit

The episode starts at the Teamwork Hub Kingdom Castle where in the workout room, Lief was running on a tread mill while Barda was holding a time watch and Jasmine, Filli, and Kree were watching. Barda stops the time and tells Lief that that's enough exercise for him then tells him to drink a lot of water after his workout. When Lief went to the water dispenser to fill his cup of water, he drinks into it when Dennis, Yawp, and Dander burst through the door with excited looks on their faces which made Lief cough his water out and made Filli jump up that he got himself stuck on the bar.

While Lief was wiping his mouth, Dennis tells him and his friends the exciting news. There's a new candy at the Hub City candy shop and everyone's over there buying it right now so he grabs Lief's arm as he and Yawp and Dander rush to the candy store to get it first. But when they got to the candy store, there was a huge crowd of people holding up their money in the air, wanting to buy the new candy, and Dennis, Yawp, and Dander drooped because they were hoping to get their first. Lief decides that they should get it tomorrow if there's no crowd but Dennis really wanted that new candy really bad just as a man with frazzled hair dressed in colorful clothes with a top hat decorated with candy appeared outside of the door!

The man, who was named Mr. Gumdrop Sweet Tooth, introduces himself to everyone as he twirls his candy coated cane when fireworks shot up from his van and the back of the van turns into a giant kiosk with candy bars that had all three flavors combined together; chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry! As he threw the bars into the air, everyone caught them and unwrapped them so they can eat them. Then he hands some bars to Dennis, Yawp, Dander, and even Lief but Lief refuses to take it when he pushes it away and tells Mr. Sweet Tooth that candy might make him fat if he eats it.

Shocked, Mr. Sweet Tooth explains to Lief that his candy bars will give you more energy, just like a granola bar. So with rolling eyes and a groan, Lief gives in and takes the five candy bars for himself, Barda, Jasmine, Filli, and Kree but he wasn't interested in eating it until later.

After receiving their candy, Dennis, Yawp, and Dander happily chomped on their first candy bars while holding their full boxes until they noticed that Lief wasn't eating his bar of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry.

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Transcript Edit

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