Strawberry shortcake is the Iconic character of the Strawberry Shortcake series and the main Protagonist of Berry Bitty Adventures. In the pilot, Strawberry
Strawberry Shortcake
came to Berry Bitty City and was having a special party at Berry Bitty Cafe in order to celebrate her new cook book release.

She lives at her Cafe with her pink kitten, Custard, and her white and light green puppy, Pupcake. She is also Dennis's love interest.

Personality Edit

Strawberry Shortcake is a young, spirited girl with a lot of creativity, positivity, and energy with love to spread around! She befriends everybody in the city with her lively outlook on life and passive nature. Even the most rudest of rude, or coldest of cold are quick to realize the error of their ways after Strawberry talks to them. This helped the group befriend Cherry Jam after they misinterpreted her behavior as hateful and snobby. Strawberry always puts others before herself and is sweet to everyone and anyone. While she does not like hurting feelings, if she feels she has to be honest to someone she does it without hesitation. She also tries to lend a supportive hand when someone else needs to be honest too. Compared to the other girls, Strawberry has a very high tolerance when it comes to rude people and problems in general. It takes a lot of stress before finally reaching her cracking point. When distressed, she becomes discouraged and the solution becomes difficult to see immediately. Several examples being: when she had to release the Great Geyser Stone, when preparing the activites for Berryfest, and when Custard and Pupcake went missing.

Usually very level-headed and with a calm, cool attitude, Strawberry likes to see the glass as half-full and look on the bright side. She tries her hardest to never let problems get the best of her and does as much as she can to solve them before they spiral out of control. Though she may not be as brainy as Blueberry, her open-mindedness prove her to be very wise. She prefers to plan things out ahead of time rather than rush into a situation.

Strawberry's only wish is for everybody to be safe and happy, even if it means sacrificing her own in the process and possibly even causing more problems for herself until they confront the problem head on. But with her gentle disposition and sweet nature, she's the best friend everyone would want to have!

Element Edit

Strawberry's is the element of love in The Elements of Teamwork when she pulled out a thorn from a cranky puppy Cerberus.

Friends Edit



Betty Barrett (Best Friend)

Robbie Shippton

Yawp and Dander


Twilight Sparkle

Blueberry Muffin (Best Friend)

Orange Blossom

Lemon Meringue

Raspberry Torte

Plum Pudding

Cherry Jam

Huckleberry Pie


Pup Cake

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