Shyanna Angler is a 13 year old mermaid who is a friend of the Hub Squad. She
Shyanna Angler
made her first appearance in Beach Bummer, then her second in Shyanna and the Dolphin, and her third appearance in Pollution Solution.

Bio Edit

Shyanna’s competitive spirit and beautiful singing voice make her a wonderful entertainer, but she’s a little shy and suffers from stage fright. Her best friends Rachel and Cora are always there to support her, and Shyanna loves helping her friends, too.

In the series Edit

In Beach Bummer, Shyanna met Strawberry Shortcake when she was collecting seashells. When Strawberry and the gang came back to see her, they were shocked that Shyanna now has grown legs.

In Shyanna and the Dolphin, she and the Hub Squad help a baby dolphin by nursing it back to help and later returned him home.

In Pollution Solution, Shyanna asks for the Hub Squad's help into saving Neptunia which is covered in toxic oil and is also mutating the sea life.

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