Shahrukh is a famous mongoose film star, who appeared in Lights, Camera, Mongoose!

Profile Edit

Shahrukh met Blythe and the pets when they visited the set of his latest film. He stowed away on Blythe's scooter back to the Shop, telling the pets that he was tired of being a celebrity, claiming that the attention was too much for him. As he went into the pet shop, his owner mistook Sunil for him, and took him back to the set.

Once inside the Shop, Shahrukh was very demanding and bossy, having the pets do everything for him. Tired of his attitude, the pets made Shahrukh as uncomfortable as possible. Shahrukh decided he wanted to return to his former life, and was switched back with Sunil via the other banded mongoose's magic.

In Shahrukh's Second Chance, Sunil helps him make up for all the the demands Shahrukh has given the pets for all these years, have a change of heart, and also becomes his first friend.

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