Sasquatch is a blue sasquatch who has the enhanced ability to stretch. Each of

SQ (Sasquatch)

his limbs extend to an incredible length. When stretched his individual limbs are long, however his joints do not alter and bend as normal. In the episode, "Baboon Balloon Island", it was revealed that he is allergic to air pears. He has referred to himself many times as "The Mighty Sasquatch."

Element Edit

Like Rarity,Sasquatch possesses the element of generosity.

Friends Edit



Betty Barrett

Strawberry Shortcake

Robbie Shippton

Yawp and Dander


Twilight Sparkle

Rainbow Dash

Pie Face

Blythe Baxter






Trivia Edit

  • Sasquatch always bumps into Komodo and never listens to him.
  • Sasquatch likes to hold Mouse's hand,which hints that they may be in love with each other.
  • Sasquatch has a fear of heights.
  • Sasquatch dislikes being called a "Stupid Sasquatch."Because everyone,including Rainbow Dash,thinks so.
  • Birds and other animals mistaken Sasquatch for a tree.
  • Like Komodo,Sasquatch likes to dance but only in disco.
  • Like Mouse,Sasquatch loves to ride on the Cobra Coaster.
  • Sasquatch is really bouncy.
  • People,including Komodo,call him SQ,which are his initials.

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