Salem used to be an exceptionally strong and skillful wizard/sorcerer of great magical strength and power. But due to
some trouble he had gotten himself into, the Witch's council had turned him into a black cat. He now serves as a spy to Enchantra and also possesses a limited extent of magical abilities. He dislikes working for Enchantra and following her orders to ensure that Sabrina's life in the human world is insufferable and unbearable enough to live in the magical world. His most desired wish was to become the feline king of Greendale.

History Profile Edit

He seems to have some respect and great fear of Enchantra, as she orders him around all the time as her loyal spy and servant. He eventually rebels against her and decides to live a free life as a human man named Sal. In Episode 23, it is revealed that Enchantra was the one who had turned him into a cat in the first place to do her bidding. 

Physical Appearance Edit

He is covered in black fur and two different eye colors. However, in the episode, Who Let the Cat Out? he accidentally takes on a human form with a black-white cury beard and tan skin, which could have been his true form as an exceptionally powerful wizard/sorcerer, but this has not been confirmed yet.

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