Ronald Grump is a minor antagonist on Tiny Toon Adventures, and the main
Ronald Grump
antagonist of the Pollution Solution episode segment, Jungle Bungle. He is a parody of the famous millionaire, Donald Trump. He is voiced by Roger Bumpass.

Appearances on Tiny Toon Adventures Edit

Ronald Grump appears in the Pollution Solution episode segment, Jungle Bungle, as the main antagonist. He owns a giant scorpion-shaped robot that destroys the Acme rainforest and causes global warming. Buster and Babs go inside the robot and find out that each tree was cut down to make one elevator button a piece, and the rest of the trees were used to power the robot. Ronald's plan is to destroy the rainforest, sell the elevator buttons (similar to Montana Max in the Toxic Revenger shorts) and when the rainforest is clear, he will have the world's largest front yard. Buster and Babs explain that millions of animals are losing their homes, and that the robot's smoke is causing global warming. Ronald doesn't care and attempts to eject the bunnies from his robot, but Buster ejects him instead. He and Babs take over the robot and attempt to Level his home. Ronald finally knows how the animals feel about losing their homes and tells the bunnies to stop. They agree to stop the machine under the condition that he plant new trees on his own. (Despite the Animals trying to deal Excessive Justice to Grump)