Mouse is a yellow mouse who is the youngest in the group and runs about on two
wheels instead of her back feet. Her ability is mechana-fast, which is increased by lying flat, with her front paws on the ground, which also have wheels on them, and flattening her ears to the side of her head and extending exhaust pipes which help to propel her forwards. Her ears act like satellite dishes to catch sounds. She sometimes giggles before Sasquatch transforms and can fit to tight places her friends can't.

Element Edit

Like Fluttershy,Mouse possesses the element of kindness.

Friends Edit



Betty Barrett

Strawberry Shortcake

Robbie Shippton

Yawp and Dander


Twilight Sparkle


Rainbow Dash





Blythe Baxter


Wakko Warner

Buster Bunny

Trivia Edit

  • Mouse likes to hold Sasquatch's hand and it hints that she might have a crush on him.
  • Mouse is friends with the Lite Sprites.
  • Mouse loves strawberry cheesecake,and strawberry cheesecake flavored cookies.
  • Mouse can understand animals.
  • She can be a little shy like Fluttershy.

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