The Lunar Moon Dance Night is an annual royal ball held to celebrate the special night before Christmas Eve and Christmas Day when the night sky is clear with stars and when moon is blue and full or crescent shaped. To attend this event, held in the Hub City's Magical topiary flower garden, one must possess a sparkly blue crescent moon-shaped invitation and bring some friends or go alone, as shown in The Lunar Moon Dance Night, and Go To The Dance But Keep Dennis.

Depiction in the series Edit

Season one Edit

The dance night is first mentioned in The Lunar Moon Dance Night. When Rex found the Lunar Moon Dance Night poster fall on him, he reads it but then shakes nervously since he has been trying to ask Unicorn to go out with him to the dance but is too shy to admit it. Komodo and Sasquatch tries to help him but nothing works so Rex decides to go alone this year. However, when Unicorn came to ask Rex if he can come with her to Lunar Moon Day Night with her, he agrees and at the dance, they began to waltz together in the end.

Season sevenEdit

In Castle Is Where The Heart Is, Betty mentioned the Lunar Moon Dance Night from The Lunar Moon Dance Night.

The Lunar Moon Dance Night makes another appearance in Go To The Dance But Keep Dennis, with Lief, Jasmine, and Barda helping Marillia host the event to ensure she enjoys the festivities for once. Each of Lief's friends is also invited and brings a plus one to the event: Strawberry takes Dain; Buster, Babs, and Plucky take Lil' Sneezer; and Dennis and Gnasher invite their friends, Curly and Pieface. Princess Marillia also invites Trafalgar's uncle, Merlin, in the hopes that he might liven up the event. Having received his ticket late due to the mailman getting pranked by Dennis' confetti in the mailbox prank , Dennis feels snubbed for not being Strawberry's date to the dance, so he and his friends decide to scare Dain with their pranks, which Lief fears will ruin the event. Dennis' pranks quickly begins to clog all the toilets in the men's bathroom, until the water floods the entire floor with water. Dain eventually appeases Dennis while the maids and butlers clean up the mess, and the Dance continues as normal. To Lief's shock, Marillia declares it to be "the most fun Lunar Moon Dance Night in years" thanks to Dennis.

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