Komodo's Magic Violin is the 19th episode of Season 1.

Summary Edit

Komodo decides to challenge Walter to a violin playing contest after school with a magical violin that was once owned by a girl named Kahoko Hino. But when he accepts to play the violin in the school talent show, he brags about playing which makes his friends become jealous and what's worse is that his new violin is gone! Now Komodo must find it before the show with a little fairy helper named Lilli.

Plot Edit

The episode begins with the Animal Mechanicals arriving to school when Komodo hears someone playing a violin. The Animal Mechanicals turn to see Walter playing his violin and his friends listening to him and they go to them. Amazed and fascinated by it's beauty, Komodo reaches his hand out to touch it but Walter swipes it away from him and tells him that he can't play it if he wants to.

Komodo says that he wants to play it but Walter and his friends just laughed at them as Walter tells Komodo that he can't play the violin if he doesn't know how to play. Angered, Komodo insists that he can play the violin, even Sasquatch agrees with him but Mouse, Unicorn, and Rex aren't sure if Komodo does know.

Trivia Edit

Transcript Edit

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