Komodo is a red Komodo Dragon who walks on two legs and has big, squared-off

KMD (Komodo)

blue spectacles. His enhancement is the ability to change his tail into a selection of tools, such as a hammer or a screwdriver. Often, when utilizing this ability, Unicorn refers to him as being "handy dandy tool time." This does, however, involve him working backwards to the line of the problem, forcing him to bend almost in half in order to see what he is doing. He is shown to be very intelligent, often figuring out the small details of the problem in hand. He tends to act like a martial arts expert. In a few episodes, he reveals that he has a sensitive stomach and legs. He often has to warn Sasquatch about "traps".

Element Edit

Like Rainbow Dash,Komodo possesses the element of loyalty,but he also possesses Twilight Sparkle's element;magic! He even possesses the element of light in the Elements of Teamwork.

Friends Edit



Betty Barrett

Strawberry Shortcake

Robbie Shippton

Yawp and Dander


Twilight Sparkle

Blythe Baxter






Trivia Edit

  • Komodo is really annoyed about Walter and like Dennis, he has him as his rival.
  • People and the Animal Mechanicals can sometimes call Komodo, KMD which are his initials.
  • Like Twilight Sparkle, Komodo loves to read and study since he is really smart.
  • Komodo has a small crush on Twilight Sparkle.
  • He and Lief or Twilight study the magic of teamwork and friendship together.
  • Komodo's scales go down when he is sad, upset, or disappointed.
  • Komodo doesn't have any fun or any sense of excitement.
  • Komodo likes to do karate and dance.
  • He is the prince of the Elemental Dragon Lands before he recovers his memories.
  • Along with a fear of balloon pops, Komodo has Achluophobia (Fear of darkness), Hemophobia (fear of blood), and Necrophobia (fear of dead things) before he became a prince of the Elemental Dragon Lands.
  • Komodo's favorite school subjects are math, geography, science, art, algebra, music, geometry, history, and language arts since he's so smart.
  • Komodo's least favorite subjects are Physical Education and Dissecting Frogs And Corpses.
  • Komodo has a pet dog named Cog and a golden horse named Majesty.

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