Jim is one of Sabrina Spellman's classmates on Earth in Greendale at Greendale High. He is Sabrina's main romantic
interest, secret crush, beloved sweetheart, and soon-to-be boyfriend in the series. His middle and last name are unknown. He is a major supporting character in the show.

History Profile Edit

Jim appears to be quite friendly, warm-hearted, kind, caring, easygoing, optimistic, and outgoing. He also appears to have equally strong romantic feelings for Sabrina, but does not have the courage to confess them to her yet. He really likes being around her a lot and never misses an opportunity to talk to her or go out on a romantic date. He would seem to like learning about Sabrina being half witch in future seasons. His wish was for Sabrina to finally notice him, which made him very tall and gigantic.

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