Fraggles are small anthropomorphic creatures, about 22 inches tall, that

come in a wide variety of colors and have tails
that bear a tuft of fur on the end. They live in a system of natural caves called Fraggle Rock that are filled with all manner of creatures and features, and which seem to connect to at least two different worlds and may therefore be interdimensional in nature. Fraggles live a very carefree life, spending most of their time playing, exploring, and generally enjoying themselves. They live on a diet of vegetables (mainly radishes) and Doozer sticks. The doozer sticks are made of ground up radishes and are the material that the doozers use to build their constuctions. The radishes in the doozers sticks are what makes it edible to Fraggles. Fraggles have the unique ability to "share dreams". If they touch their heads together before falling asleep, one can enter the dream of the other Fraggle. More than one Fraggle at a time can enter a single Fraggle's dream, provided all the participants' heads are touching before they fall asleep.

In the seriesEdit

In Fraggle Rock And Roll, Dennis and Strawberry were walking in the woods when they hear music coming from a nearby tree and go under it just to find the Fraggles. At first, they were scared of each other but they quickly befriended each other.

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