These are the episodes for The Hub. Number of episodes aired | Started Airing | Ended Airing

Season 1: Fifty-four ----------------- October 10, 2010 -- September 3, 2011

Season 2: Fifty-one ----------------------- October 10, 2011 -- April 29, 2012

Season 3: Fifty ------------------------ November 11, 2012 -- December 26, 2012

Season 4: Fifty-two ------------------------------ September 8,2013 -- December 18,2013

Season 5: Fifty-one ---------------------------- November 23,2013--May 20, 2014

Season 6: Fifty ----------------------------------- May 31, 2014-- August 22, 2014

Season 7: Forty-eight -------------------------------------- March 27, 2015 -- September 5, 2015

Season 8: Twenty-four ------------------------------------------- October 27, 2015 -- December 1, 2015

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Season 1 Episodes Edit

Episode 1: Teamwork is Magic Part 1: Lief is tasked by Princess Marillia with going to Hub City to make some good friends and form a team. There, he meets fellow Hub characters Dennis, Atomic Betty, Strawberry Shortcake, Robbie Shippton, Yawp & Dander, Lucky, and Twilight Sparkle. The episode is referred to as Dancer in the Star (another title for Nightmarina)

Episode 2: Teamwork is Magic Part 2: Nightmarina is freed from her imprisonment and begins to shroud the island in eternal darkness and sorrow. Lief and his new friends must find the Elements of Teamwork to stop Nightmarina and save Princess Marillia.

Episode 3: When Good Ponies Go Bad! (Part 1): When Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Fluttershy eat unusual cookies made by the evil Office Kitty, Pinkie along with Robbie, Lief, and Quantum Ray must break the spell before all of Hub Island is in ruins.

Episode 4: When Good Ponies Go Bad! (Part 2): With the mane 5 still under the spell and are slaves to Office Kitty, Pinkie Pie, Lief, and Robbie must go to the old abandoned city streets to find a magical object to stop Office Kitty once and for all.

Episode 5: King of the Golden Tickets: Lief receives two tickets from Princess Marillia to the Midnight Carnival, an exclusive event hosted by Princess Marillia herself. This leads to arguments among Dennis, Atomic Betty, Strawberry Shortcake, Robbie Shippton, Yawp & Dander, Lucky, and Twilight Sparkle who all want to go with Lief's extra ticket.

Episode 6: One Sour Strawberry: When Doctor Brainhead infects Strawberry Shortcake, Dennis must save her and stop Brainhead from wrecking havoc in the school.

Episode 7: Fraggle Rock and Roll!: Dennis and Strawberry discover a cave under a big tree that leads them to a hidden place filled with fun music-making creatures called Fraggles!

Episode 8: Pinkie's Lil' Cutie Pie: Pinkie Pie adopts Cutie Snoot, a cute but evil little kitty who is trying to get rid of her, but her plans backfire!

Episode 9: Animal Mechanical Can Do Attitude: Lief learns that he isn't the only Hub character who moved to Hub City to study the magic of teamwork when Komodo and the Animal Mechanicals move in and that Komodo needs to study in Lief's castle, but instead of working together, Lief and Komodo get into an argument.

Episode 10: Berry Bitty Harvest Season: While Princess Berrykin and the other Berrykins are on a vacation, Sasquatch volunteers to harvest the berry bushes in Berry Bitty City all by himself.

Episode 11: Pranks a Lot, Sasquatch!: Sasquatch and Dennis make mischief by playing pranks on everyone in Hub City, but when an old friend of Dennis' comes to visit, Sasquatch becomes a third wheel.

Episode 12: Night of the Headless Horseman: On Hallow's Eve while preparing for the Hub High Halloween school dance tomorrow, Twilight Sparkle and Komodo only have minutes to find the Headless Horseman's head on Hallow's Eve before midnight strikes!

Episode 13: The Lunar Moon Dance Night: Rex tries to ask Unicorn to come to the Lunar Moon Dance Night with him tonight, but he is too nervous to ask.

Episode 14: Best Friends (Not) Together: Walter gets Komodo and Sasquatch into a fight and break up their friendship by tricking Komodo into joining the After School Club, until Sorceress Thaegen brainwashes Komodo. Luckily, the Animal Mechanicals discover that they also represent to Elements of Harmony to defeat Thaegen and save Komodo.

Episode 15: Hub Holidays Eve: When the holidays finally come, Lief and his friends head to the shops to buy gifts and enjoy a cup of hot cocoa while finding the perfect outfits and masks for tomorrow's Christmas masquerade ball.

Episode 16: The Christmas Day Masquerade Ball: After all the Christmas Eve shopping, the Hub Squad is invited to attend a masquerade ball this Christmas.

Episode 17: Naughty Or Nice?: Everyone is waiting for their presents to be delivered by the greatest guy in the North Pole, Santa Claus, but when his naughty and nice lists get mixed up by someone, Santa gets so confused that he gives the good and bad kids the wrong gifts and it's up to the Hub Squad to fix the Naughty and Nice lists and help Santa before Christmas is ruined!

Episode 18: The Dark Animal Mechanicals: Nightmare Moon creates evil versions of the Animal Mechanicals with evil powers to make dark mayhem and make the nighttime last forever.

Episode 19: Nightmare Unicorn!: Nightmare Moon kidnaps Unicorn and turns her into a nightmare Animal Mechanical. Luckily, Rex comes to the rescue and turns Unicorn back to normal.

Episode 20: Komodo's Magic Violin: Komodo decides to challenge Walter to a violin playing contest after school with a magical violin that was once owned by a girl named Kahoko Hino, but when he accepts to play the violin in the school talent show, he brags about playing which makes his friends become jealous and what's worse is that his new violin is gone! Now Komodo must find it before the show with a little fairy helper named Lilli.

Episode 21: Musical Magic!: Komodo helps Sasquatch, Rex, Unicorn, and Mouse pick their own musical instruments that seem to also be magic like Komodo's new violin.

Episode 22: Sasquatch, Dancer of the Seven Pies: After a bet from Walter on the Dance Contest, Komodo and Mouse trains Sasquatch to be a dancer.

Episode 23: Boot's Return: After another failed attempt to catch Dennis and the Hub Squad,including the Animal Mechanicals when they are causing trouble, Sergeant Slipper's job is on the line. Slipper's boss hires Boot to replace him again, who apprehends most of the residents of Hub City for the most insignificant of actions and sets out to ban all modes of fun for everyone else. Teamed with Walter, Komodo plans to ensure that Slipper keeps his job and Hub City returns to normal.

Episode 24: Return of the Walter-Bot: When Doctor Brainhead infects Dennis and Walter's robot DenWalter-Bot and turns it into a red-eyed rampaging machine, Komodo, along with the Hub Squad and the Animal Mechanicals must protect the school and get Brainhead out of the robot before things get ugly.

Episode 25: The Magic of the Unicorn Heart: While practicing new magic tricks with Twilight Sparkle, Unicorn finds a colorful book with a golden title that says, "The Magic of The Unicorn Heart," where the story is about three unicorn sisters using to power in their horns to activate a magic heart crystal that protects the pure hearts of the kinds ones from the evil hearted maidens. Then Unicorn learns that she, Rarity, and Twilight can activate it together.

Episode 26: Mechana-Gossip: Komodo and his friends encounter Zecora, a mysterious zebra who lives in the Everfree Forest.

Episode 27: No Cakes For Rex: Komodo and the Animal Mechanicals have to control Rex's obsession with cakes during the Cake Festival. Otherwise, they will have a detention for 100 years.

Episode 28: Komodo the Mechana-Dragon Warrior!: On a school trip, Komodo finds out that he is descentant to a dragon warrior tribe. He also discovers that Lancer Fossil (a famous Indiana Jones-esque explorer and one of Walter's personal heroes) is actually a thief who's trying to steal the treasure of Komodo's ancestor.

Episode 29: Rex's First Kiss: Unicorn actually kisses Rex and Walter starts to blackmail them. Until, Komodo, Sasquatch, and Mouse help them.

Episode 30: The Shining Bonds: Komodo and Twilight decides to study on both the Belt of Deltora and the Elements if Harmony and learns that they have a close bond with each other.

Episode 31: Sonic Pink-Boom!: Unicorn learns a new power after she flies really fast!

Episode 32: The Cute Keychains: Mouse and Sasquatch both buy new Keychains for their backpacks and starts fooling around with them. After school, Komodo invites everyone to a karaoke party.

Episode 33: Lief's First Date Party: Lief and his friends are invited to a party at Athena's house, but there's just one problem: everyone needs to bring a date!

Episode 34: Spike On!: After Spike saves Komodo's life, he decides to assist him on his teamwork reports and studies, which makes Sasquatch jealous.

Episode 35: Sasquatch's Cutie Mark: Sasquatch wants to earn a cutie mark, but the others tell him that he cannot earn one because he is not a pony.

Episode 36: Rarity's Fashion Dilemma: Rarity tries to work in Both Lemon's Salon and Raspberry's Fashion Shop, but she cannot do two at a time.

Episode 37: Cutie Snoot; Busted!: Lief and the Hub Squad helps Goosers prove to his owner that he is innocent and that Cutie Snoot, the cute but evil kitty is responsible for the trouble, but meanwhile, Cutie Snoot has plans up on her claws!

Episode 38: Lief's First Kick: Lief takes his first soccer lessons with Dennis and now, he and the Hub Squad have formed their own soccer team to beat Walter's own soccer team. But his cheating is causing a big feud to the team, unless Lief comes up with a creative plan to beat Walter and win the soccer competition.

Episode 39: Master of the Gala: Sasquatch and the Animal Mechanicals finally arrive at the Grand Galloping Gala in Canterlot and he wants to see all the ponies do the things they've all hoped to do, but then Sasquatch learns that he can't be in six places at once.

Episode 40: Twilight Screecher!: Twilight Sparkle gets hit by a meteor and gets a super sonic scream that almost made everyone deaf.

Episode 41: The Cutie Mark Eraser: When Twilight accidentally casts a spell that erases all the ponies' cutie marks, they all start to hate and ignore her, including her friends, but lucky for her, she reverses the spell with the Cutie Mark Crusaders' help.

Episode 42: Hub Pala-palooza!: Lief, Dennis and their friends celebrate the holiday of friendship, Hub Pala-palooza. Meanwhile, Walter is planning something to keep Lief and Dennis from becoming the best buddies of the year!

Episode 43: Mount Hub: Lief, Komodo, and Twilight are on a mission to place a flag upon the tallest mountain in Hub Island, Mount Hub, but they must first get pass through blizzards, thunderstorms, and dangerous creatures.

Episode 44: Dan VS the Hub Squad: When Dan, a jerky guy, moves in to Hub City, Lief and the gang tries to get him to not have revenge on everyone, but Dennis isn't getting along with Dan very well.

Episode 45: The Hub Squad Chronicles: Lief and the gang tell the Cutie Mark Crusaders their stories about their pastimes.

Episode 46: Jem and the Holograms: Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie are excited when everyone's favorite rock band comes to Hub City, but so have the Misfits!

Episode 47: The Way of Ko-Mo-Do!: After Walter takes up origami as a martial art, Komodo scoffs and comes up with his own martial art, and so the two prepare to battle it out.

Episode 48: The Greatest Night Ever!: The Animal Mechanicals have finally arrived at the Lunar Moon Dance Night! But things aren't going as well as they hoped.

Episode 49: Cat! Mechana-Dive!: Island Owl announces the Animal Mechanicals that they have a new member in their team and her name is Cat, an orange robot cat who has the ability to swim.

Episode 50: Komodo and the Ouran High School Host Club: Komodo wins a chance to go to Ouran Academy where he'll meet some of the students and teachers this Spring Break, but he learns that the students are disturbingly different from his old friends when he doesn't see them as fun as he hoped.

Episode 51: The New Wish Sitter: Unicorn tries to help Maryoku Yummy and her friends take care of the wishes so that can be granted, but she finds it harder than she thinks.

Episode 52: Mechana-Magic's: The Animal Mechanicals form there own musical band for the school concert.

Episode 53: Secret Millionaires Club: Robbie joins a secret club called the Secret Millionaires Club where he meets new friends and goes on specials with them, but soon realizes that they are harder than he thinks.

Episode 54: Maid Unicorn: Unicorn is hired to work as a maid in a cafe so she can earn enough money for the Tiger Base's repairs.

Season 2 Episodes Edit

Episode 1: The Return of Teamwork Part 1: Princess Marillia tasks the gang with retrieving the Elements of Teamwork and defeating Slappy the Dummy.

Episode 2: The Return of Teamwork Part 2: Lief must find the Elements of Teamwork, and a way to restore his friends, in order to defeat Slappy.

Episode 3: Lesson None: Lief realizes that he has not written his weekly letter on teamwork to Princess Marillia. So he struggles to find a teamwork problem and decides that his only option is to create a teamwork problem himself.

Episode 4: Good Night-Marina!: During this night in the Haunted Hub Halloween, Lief helps Princess Marina change her frightening demeanor and become accepted by the other Hub characters.

Episode 5: Welcome (Back) To Dead House: Lief, Twilight, and Komodo check out an old neighborhood with a dark secret.

Episode 6: An Animal Mechanical's Best Friend: The Animal Mechanicals adopt talking pets of their own: Rex and Komodo both adopt dogs, Unicorn adopts a cat, Mouse adopts a canary, and Sasquatch adopts a monkey, but then they learn that it's not always easy to take care of them.

Episode 7: The Tru Moo Employee Of The Month: Sasquatch struggles on his new job in the grand opening shop, Tru Moo Cafe.

Episode 8: Cherry Jammed: Sasquatch's patience is tested with a new neighbor, Cherry Jam the Pop Star of Berry Bitty City.

Episode 9: Pinkie's Parents: When Pinkie's parents come to visit her, she asks Komodo, Sasquatch, and Mouse to help her.

Episode 10: The Hub Holiday Season: Lief, Komodo, and their friends put on a play about how the Hub Holidays was made.

Episode 11: A Foggy Froggy Friend: Sasquatch adopts a Fog Frog that follows him home, but things start to become too foggy for him and his friends.

Episode 12: Dennis' Crush: Dennis falls in love with a new girl in town and school named Denna, but his lack of extreme fun time strains his friendship with Lief and his real love for Strawberry Shortcake.

Episode 13: Rusty Mechanicals: The Animal Mechanicals become sick and rusty after spending too much time in the rain.

Episode 14: Haunting Hour Hollow: When Dennis accidentally kicks the soccer ball into the Haunting Hour Hollow, Lief and Twilight Sparkle go on a quest to retrieve it, but it won't be easy getting it back with all the ghosts, zombies, monsters, and witches around. Luckily, they get a little help from a talking black cat named Lucy.

Episode 15: Majors & Minors: Lief and Dennis watch their favorite TV show: Majors & Minors!

Episode 16: The Battle of Music: After a big argument, Komodo and Sasquatch compete each other on which music is the best to dance to: ballet or disco? By making a voting election with hanging up posters and banners, giving out stickers, cards with disco balls and ballet shoes, and peel on tattoos and sweet treats, the two of them are determined to see which one of their favorite dancing music will win, but after forcing Mouse, who is the only one who didn't vote and is playing her new golden flute, to vote for one of their favorite dancing music's, both Komodo and Sasquatch hurt her feelings and realizes that both musics are the best to dance to.

Episode 17: Mouse's Collection: Mouse doesn't attend band practice and Komodo, Rex, Unicorn, and Sasquatch find out that this is because of a plan by Walter to sabotage the Mechana-Magics, involving a collectible series.

Episode 18: The Lite Sprites: Mouse befriends some friendly sprites who are called "Lite Sprites named Prisma, Meadow, Brooke, Astra, and Bleak."

Episode 19: Colors in Trouble!: When Mouse discovers that Walter is building a golf course in Lite-topia, she must use her Mechana-Fast Speed and her gifts of the Lite Sprites to save the Lite Sprites' home before the construction makes things worse!

Episode 20: Mouse's Magical Birthday!: Sasquatch makes a charm bracelet for Mouse on her birthday with four magic charms from the Lite Sprites, but he accidentally loses Bleak's charm in the river and must get it back.

Episode 21: Lief's New Cellphone!: Dennis buys Lief a new cellphone, but he doesn't know how to use it. So Dennis decides to teach him.

Episode 22: The Haunted Theater: Komodo, Sasquatch, and Mouse explore an old abandoned theater that everyone says it's haunted by a ballerina ghost named Rose Tyler who died in a fire years ago, but as they go further, they find a pretty amulet and are attacked by some other ghosts. While Komodo and Sasquatch are both possessed, Mouse uses the amulet to stop the ghosts and save her friends.

Episode 23: Animal Mechanical Team Time! Part 1: Discord is back and this time, the Animal Mechanicals must use the Elements of Harmony to stop him! However, Discord uses the same spell he used on the pony friends to make the Animal Mechanicals the exact opposite of their elements.

Episode 24: Animal Mechanical Team Time! Part 2: With all four Animal Mechanicals under Discord's spell and the Elements of Harmony useless, Komodo with both the elements of loyalty and magic must find a way to get them back together to defeat him.

Episode 25: Treedom!: Mouse joins an Environment Nature Club called the Treedom Club, which is a club that takes care of animals, plants trees and flowers, and saves any environment from any danger.

Episode 26: Mechana-Romantic!: It's Valentine's Day and the Animal Mechanicals are getting ready for this romantic day! Sasquatch is baking a batch of heart-shaped strawberry cheesecake flavored cookies for Mouse, Komodo is making a romantic bookmark for Twilight Sparkle, and Rex is collecting roses, tulips, and lilies for a bouquet for Unicorn.

Episode 27: Scales For Sale: Rarity must save her old friend, the River Serpent, who was kidnapped by some mythical animal skinners, from becoming a fashion set of sparkly, purple purses, but she won't do it alone.

Episode 28: Study Date: Komodo developes a crush on Twilight Sparkle and Sasquatch forces his best friend to ask Twilight to go on a date with her.

Episode 29: Uglirity!: After a big bump on her head, Rarity loses her sense of fashion and starts wearing unusual clothes, getting dirty, and her favorite color is swamp green.

Episode 30: Handy Dandy Dander: Yawp and Dander helps Lucky with the puppies' adoptions but ends up causing trouble.

Episode 31: Lief It To Me: Lief volunteers to help Von Ripper guard some fish from Dine & Dash, who are very hungry for fish!

Episode 32: Enter Horrorland!: When Lief, Jasmine, Barda, Dennis, Pieface, Curly, Strawberry, Twilight, Komodo, and Walter receive mysterious tickets to an amusement park called Horrorland where nightmares come to life, they get a ride for their lives, but not everything in Horrorland is as it seems and friends start to disappear one by one! Now it's up to Lief to save them by going to different parts of the theme park and escape Horrorland once and for all!

Episode 33: The Rescue Bots: The Rescue Bots and their friends have come to Hub City and Robbie and Dennis are excited to meet them.

Episode 34: Tiny Head's New Home: Feeling sorry for Tiny Head who doesn't have a home, Strawberry Shortcake decides to adopt him but Custard and Pupcake feel left behind.

Episode 35: Return to the House of No Return: When Pup Cake runs into the House of No Return, Strawberry and Betty must find him and escape before the ghost couple captures them and makes them their children forever. Not only that, but they also have to save the three kids that have been captured by them!

Episode 36: Space Hands: Betty and her team have their hands full while dealing with space baddies and so much things to do on Earth!

Episode 37: Lief's Pet Sizzling Dragon!: While exploring an empty dragon's cave, Lief finds a dragon egg and when it hatches, he decides to adopt the baby dragon as his pet until his friends find it's true parents.

Episode 38: Friend and Foe!: Dennis tells his friends that he and Walter used to be best friends, until an "accident" broke their friendship.

Episode 39: It's F'real!: The TruMoo Cafe has a new upgrade: a F'real milkshake and smoothie maker which will make more money for Mr. Tru.

Episode 40: Aliens Amoung Us!: Broken Bear finds a UFO in the middle of the forest and thinks that some alien bears are here to take him away from Earth, but as it turns out it's brain eating aliens that look like bears and it's up to Lief and the Men In Black to stop them and save Broken Bear.

Episode 41: Bleak's Blackout!: Bleak learns a lesson about stealing colors when her friends punish her by taking away her wand and giving it to Mouse.

Episode 42: Lief's New Pool: In attempt to keep cool on a hot day, Dennis' gang helps dig a swimming pool in Lief's backyard for Lief to swim in.

Episode 43: Game Quest!: To get his friends back from Walter's group, Komodo challenges Walter to a video games battle.

Episode 44: Mystery Undead!: While exploring an old abandoned graveyard, Robbie and Lucky hear a cry for help which is coming from a grave they passed by, but when they go down there, they meet a boy who was imprisoned by his zombie friend and must find a way to help him and escape for good...or else!

Episode 45: Rosabelle Returns: Komodo's childhood friend, Rosabelle (aka Rosa) transfers to Hub High and is acting very quiet towards Komodo. So he decides to help her.

Episode 46: Back to the Past: A time watch that Komodo buys from the antique shop sends him and the gang back in time to help them with their history homework.

Episode 47: Down With Derpy: Everyone has had it with Derpy Hooves and her stupid idiotic actions. So they decide to get rid of her but Fluttershy and Strawberry the only ones who must protect her.

Episode 48: Auto Autumn: The Rescue Bots must help their friends clean the falling leaves off the sidewalks and the streets.

Episode 49: Nuts For Peanut Butter!: Niblet goes on a diet from peanut butter.

Episode 50: Kaijudo (Part 1): Lief and the Hub Squad discover the secret of their new classmates and friends who possess the rare ability to summon and duel alongside fantastical creatures from a parallel dimension. Evil forces led by the Choten intend to enslave and tame these creatures, so they must work together to help Ray, Allie, and Gabe to save the creatures and defeat the Choten!

Episode 51: Kaijudo (Part 2): The Choten has grown more stronger than ever and not even Ray and his friends creatures can stop them! Lief and the gang must act fast before it's too late!

Season 3 Episodes Edit

Episode 1: A Girl And Her Pets: A girl named Blythe and her pet friends move to Hub City and Lief decides to make her an honorable member of the Hub Squad.

Episode 2: Model Morons: Rarity and Zoe get into a fight on who has the best fashion sense and then challenges each other on a fashion show-off, but the challenge gets too sour for everyone.

Episode 3: Too Many Minkas: Minka uses a magic mirror pool to duplicate herself so she can be at all places at a time, but after using too much of it, Lief, Twilight, Russell, Blythe, and the real Minka must find a way to send the Minka clones back to where they came from, but they must find out who the real Minka is first.

Episode 4: Steel Sunil: Iron Will's training makes Sunil a bit too assertive to everyone.

Episode 5: Russell's Secret Talent: Russell thinks he doesn't have a special talent like the other pets,so he tries to find the perfect talent for him.

Episode 6: Sunil the Brave: After growing tired of Walter and his friends' teasing and being called "Sunil-shy", Sunil decides to go into the Haunting Hour Hollow to prove that he isn't scared of anything, but after encountering some ghosts, witches, vampires, werewolves, monsters, and zombies, the Hub Squad comes to his rescue and Sunil learns that taking risks can lead him to dangerous trouble.

Episode 7: Minka and the Lil' Baby Cakes: Pinkie Pie thinks that Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake likes to play with Minka more than her and becomes jealous.

Episode 8: Bad Bun Bunny: When Sugar Bun, Buttercream's cousin, arrives from Maryland to spend a week in Hub City. The Sunil and Vinnie expect to easily befriend Sugar Bun. However, Sugar Bun rejects their cordiality and bullies them. Vinnie and Sunil try to avoid Sugar Bun at first, but when she dares to lay claim to their favorite places, they resort to revenge.

Episode 9: Animaniacs-tic!: When the Animaniacs move into Hub City, Pepper becomes jealous when everyone starts to pay attention to their funny gags and jokes instead of hers.

Episode 10: Save the Warners: The Hub Squad must protect the Warner Brothers and Sister from being caught by Doctor Scratch & Sniff, the Fat Police Officer, and Hello Nurse and convince them that they deserve to be free because they always help everyone,even if they are a little insane.

Episode 11: Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster and his pals have moved to Hub City, and everybody's hoping to meet them! Meanwhile, the annoying lady from the Adults Against Funny Cartoons (AAFC) is back for revenge and Lief and the rest of the Hub Squad must stop her from taking all the tooniness out of their new friends and ruining their welcome party.

Episode 12: Four More Elements: Princess Marillia tells the Hub Squad that there are four more elements in the Elements of Teamwork; happiness, compassion, charity, and sincerity, and they also learn that Blythe,Buster,and Wakko possesses them, but who possesses the element of sincerity? The Hub Squad's mission is to find the four missing elements!

Episode 13: Happiness is the Best Medicine: An unhappy dragon is suffering from a tummy ache and it's up to the Hub Squad and Wakko to help find the problem. Only they discover that it's a glowing orb, which is actually the element of happiness, that's causing the dragon's tummy to hurt. So Wakko must bravely go into the dragon's body to retrieve it and cure his tummy ache.

Episode 14: Charity's in the Carrots!: The Hub Squad must venture into the Haunting Hour Hollow to retrieve the element of charity that is hidden under a Hollow Tree, but a monster is guarding the tree and the only way to get past it is to give him some money.

Episode 15: Compassion Is Fashion!: Blythe finds a sphere shaped rock in the middle of a flower field and takes it to Lief to examine it. He says that it's the element of compassion and Blythe represents it, but she doesn't believe it. After having a dream about it, Blythe finds a golden necklace with a magenta flower shaped gem on her nightstand the next morning and puts it on, then the gem starts to glow lightly. Soon, she realizes that Lief was telling the truth after all.

Episode 16: Littlest Irreconcilable Differences: After Sunil and Vinnie get into a fight, they both decide to hang out with the Hub Squad, but they drive them crazy!

Episode 17: Save the Sweet Shop!: When Blythe and the pets learn that the Sweet Shop is shutting down, The Hub Squad must help her keep the shop going by making a fashion show and helping Blythe make her element of compassion glow more brighter than the last time.

Episode 18: SheZow's in Town!: There's a new hero in town and her name is SheZow! Soon, the Hub Squad discovers her secret: she is actually a guy named Guy!

Episode 19: She-cerity!: Lief discovers that Guy possesses the element of sincerity in the Elements of Teamwork, but Guy doesn't think so like the others. Until Tattoozala and Tara attack and SheZow manages to make his element glow.

Episode 20: Running On Auto Pilot: After an accident, Unicorn breaks one of her wings and loses her ability to fly, but she can't wait long enough and her impatience causes her crack on her wing to become bigger and it falls off. So the Animal Mechancials must find it in the Everfree Forest.

Episode 21: Jealousy Among Us!: Sasquatch becomes too jealous of Komodo who is always the straight A+ student in the whole school, so he decides to do a book report on his own with an old book that is cursed and is said that it releases anyone's emotional spirits whoever reads some of its spells, but after becoming too jealous of his best friend, his jealousy spirit goes on a rampage and starts turning all the students and teachers into green-eyed monsters who want to kill Komodo. Now it's up to the gang to end the curse before Komodo becomes the monsters' big meal.

Episode 22: Dennis Falls in Love!: Dennis eats an unusual meal affected with love potion and falls in love with Athena, which makes Walter jealous! Luckily, Lief, Komodo, Sasquatch, and Mouse finds the cure to make Dennis throw up.

Episode 23: Lief's Secret Playground: Lief discovers an old jungle playground with swings, zip lines, climbing ropes and other cool stuff for him to practice on, but keeping it a secret and all to himself is making Lief shut his friends out.

Episode 24: The Lake of Youth: When Blythe's dad and Barda both turn into kids, Lief, Komodo, and the gang discover that the water from the Spring Lake is causing the adults to de-age to 12 year olds!

Episode 25: Under the Sea and Through the Coral Reef!: Mocktopus steals the most precious pearl in from the Hub City Museum and Guy gets some help from the Hub Squad and the Animal Mechanicals.

Episode 26: Revenge of SheZap!: When Guy's old enemy SheZap steals his necklace, the Element of Sincerity, SheZow must get it back with the help from DudePow (Gal) and this time, defeat SheZap before he uses his element for evil.

Episode 27: The Hub Summer Pool Party!: The Hub Squad is invited to a pool party this summer, but when the villains interrupt all the fun, the gang must save the party before it becomes a summer disaster!

Episode 28: Mechana Girls' Night Out!: It's a girl's night out for Mouse and Unicorn when they are invited to a mysterious slumber party, but when Mouse discovers a dark secret about the girls who are responsible for making the slumber party and turning all the nice understanding girls into snobbish, bossy, and mean brats with magic face mask cream, it's up to her and the Mechana boys to save Unicorn and the rest of the other girls.

Episode 29: Pinkie Cooper and the Jet Set Pets: Pinkie Pie shows everyone a new website called "Pinkie Post!", which is about a dog-like girl who has the same name as her and tells them that she and her BFFS and their pets are coming to Hub City to find some new stuff. So Pinkie decides to show them around for some new stuff for Pinkie's website.

Episode 30: Rainbow Coat Madness!: Mouse, Applejack, and Fluttershy discovers that Gotcha Grabmore is kidnapping the fruit bats so she can make a set of her newest and colorful coats called "Rainbow Beauty!", so they must work together by using their common sense and courage to save the fruit bats.

Episode 31: Neridah's Lovesick Slave: Neridah uses magic love sugar to make Lief fall in love with her, but the spell goes too far when she realizes that this could only mean one thing: trouble, and if she doesn't cure Lief, he might die and become a zombie that might eat her heart out...for real!

Episode 32: Horror Hall Mall: The gang shops in a mall with a dark secret and the mall's manager seems kind of weird. So it's up to Rex to save the day and everyone who has been turned to mannequins!

Episode 33: Attack of the Killer Carrots!: An alien invasion turns Hub City's people into zoned-out couch potatoes, while sentient space carrots mutate to replace them as vegetable zombies. It's up to Komodo and Guy to free their friends from the spell of the Great Carrot and save Hub City from the Killer Carrots!

Episode 34: Guys! Guys! Guys!: Guy accidentally makes a wish that everyone would become just like him, and then learns that he must be careful of what he wishes for. Because he might get it, but soon it will go from good to bad to worse!

Episode 35: Komodo Lights the Way!: Lief and the gang discovers that the elements of happiness, fashion, charity, and sincerity aren't the only one that have been missing in the elements of teamwork when Princess Marillia tells them that there's an element of light, which is in the amulet of love, friendship, and compassion, and that Komodo represents it.

Episode 36: Fear in the Darkness: Komodo faints in the middle of class. After he recovers, something starts to bother him and make him shake in fear: the darkness and a monster that is trying to haunt him for his entire life!

Episode 37: Nightmare in Hub City!: After studying for 24 hours,Komodo starts having nightmares about a creepy doll named Baby Scarington and starts turning into a mindless, drooling and lamebrained zombie who is suffering from sleep deprivation. Soon, Komodo falls into an eternal sleep and can't seem to wake up from his nightmares. Now, it's up to SheZow to defeat that doll and Sasquatch to help his friend overcome his fears with the power of their friendship so they can stop Baby Scarington from making Komodo's nightmares come true.

Episode 38: Komodo's Memories: The holidays are here and everyone is excited. All except Komodo who is acting strange lately and is going to stay with his adoptive mother for the holidays. Soon, he starts having nightmares about an unusual past and tries to find out who is real family is and where he came from, but no matter how hard he tries, Komodo begins to hallucinate.

Episode 39: Attack of the 50ft Lil' Sneezer!: While visiting Komodo with Buster and Lief, Lil' Sneezer accidentally zaps himself with an experimental growth ray and finds himself and his sneezes increasing in size at an alarming rate.

Episode 40: Toona-geddon!: Lief must train to become looney and toony and play some gags in order to defeat the Wolverine in a mega challenge!

Episode 41: Help! It's the Poltergeist Girls!: Someone or something is ruining Komodo's violins in his Violin Club and crazily throwing basketballs all over the gym in Sasquatch's Basketball Team and it might be the work of some three new girls at school who are secretly dead!

Episode 42: A Case of The Happys!: When Brouhaha steals Wakko's and Yawp and Dander's elements of humor and happiness and uses it to make people too happy and giggly, it's a job for the both the Animal Mechanicals and the Hub Squad to stop him.

Episode 43: Cupinkie!: It's Valentine's Day, and Pinkie Pie is playing as Cupid, or Cupinkie which is a Pinkie Pie version of Cupid, but things are getting too cheesy and Pinkie discovers that she made another mistake when she discovers that she accidentally uses love poison potion on her arrows instead of love potion.

Episode 44: Physic Sidekick: After a meteor hits Maz, he gets super physic powers and becomes Physic Sidekick, but his new powers are going out of control and it's up to Guy, as SheZow, to save his friend.

Episode 45: Invisible Lief!: Lief and Rex are unhappy with Jasmine's and Unicorn's new muscle-bound interest. Rex suggests that they use Komodo's new physique enhancing formula on themselves. Instead of the desired result, they both turn invisible!

Episode 46: Princess Twilight Plus Komodo Komodo gets to meets Twilight's parents and her brother, Shining Armor, at their family party this afternoon and tries his best to play it cool just so he could impress Twilight.

Episode 47: Jasmine's New Scooter!: Strawberry gets Jasmine a new scooter for her birthday so Jasmine can get to places without jumping around the trees to get anywhere, but Jasmine doesn't know how to ride it.

Episode 48: Drive To Survive: Lief and Jasmine take their first driving test, but they'ev failed for the first time. So their Hub Squad friends come up with a plan to get the driving advisor to give them a second chance.

Episode 49: The Ancient Dragon Leader Lives: Komodo finds a scroll from his great, great, great grandfather and the leader of the ancient dragon tribe, King Komodo the First and discovers that he is still alive. He also discovers that he is was born from a royal element dragon family and had to be sent to the real world for safety from the evil Dark Dragons who put his birthplace into darkness and corruption. So Komodo and his friends goes on a journey to the Elemental Dragon Lands to save him and Komodo's family from the Dark Dragons.

Episode 50: Mechana-Magical Cure: Komodo accidentally switches his friends' destinies and powers, and tries to fix them. By doing so, he becomes a dragon prince.

Season 4 Episodes Edit

Episode 1: Un-Twilight: the Puppet Master (Part 1) : An imposter kidnaps Twilight Sparkle and disguises herself as her so she can use the Elements of Harmony to turn Twilight's friends into her slaves. Now it's up to Prince Komodo and Spike to stop the imposter by finding the real Twilight Sparkle.

Episode 2: Un-Twilight: the Puppet Master (Part 2): Komodo and Spike finds the real Twilight Sparkle held captive in a crystal cave where she and Princess Cadance were trapped in and brings her back to defeat her dark side, who is actually the daughter of King Sombra and Queen Chrysalis, Princess Despaira, but Despaira is too powerful because she has the powers of darkness, hatred, and enmity. Luckily, Komodo's love for Twilight, Spike's friendship with Twilight, and Twilight's light manages to stop her and free the five ponies from her spell.

Episode 3: Animal Mechanicals On Ice: Twilight Sparkle invites the AnimalMechanicals to go ice-skating with her and her friends, and Komodo is hoping to ice-skate with Twilight.

Episode 4: A is for Alone: Komodo grows tired of getting blamed, not anyonelike Sasquatch listening to him, and getting into a ridiculous slapstick that gets him all twisted up. So he decides to join his grandfather and his birth parents in the Elemental Dragon Lands for a new life, but Komodo finds it more lonely and sad than he expected when the other dragons start teasing and ignoring him.

Episode 5: Twilight Sparkle's Princess Celebration: The gang is invited to Twilight's first princess celebration. Meanwhile, Komodo is hoping that he will dance with her but the new castle guard named Flash Sentry is the first one to ask Twilight for a dance which makes Komodo jealous.

Episode 6: Mimicry Crybaby: Sasquatch tries to get an award by mimicking Komodo, but the imitations starts to get things out of hand and it also starts to get on Komodo's nerves.

Episode 7: The Super Secret Cutie Mark Club!: The Super Secret Pup Club decides to help the Cutie Mark Crusaders get their cutie marks by combining their group with them.

Episode 8: Recipe For Disaster!: When Komodo's adoptive mother catches a cold, Komodo and the Animal Mechanicals assist her to help run her bakery/flower shop for her, but instead, they end up baking a recipe for disaster!

Episode 9: A Tail Of Love (Story): After her comedy routine falls flat due to Minka messing up her line, Pepper decides to quit comedy and start being dramatic like Zoe by wrapping her tail around Sunil and forcing him to pamper her, but as her new act goes too far, Pepper learns that she shouldn't follow her friend's moves and change who she is.

Episode 10: Oh Sister!: Vinnie and his friends must help his sister finish her final assignment before the teachers catch her and send her to the detention room.

Episode 11: Keep Calm and Berry On: Lief and his friends are given a task by Princess Marillia to reform Dain. However, Strawberry Shortcake is the only one willing to give him a chance.

Episode 12: Spooksville: The gang investigates the disappearance of three missing teenagers in an abandoned town called Spooksville that holds a dark secret. Soon, one of the friends starts disappearing, and Komodo's element of light is the only hope.

Episode 13: Halloween Bash!: Dennis and Gnasher enters a Halloween costume contest to win a million dollars and a trip to Hollywood.

Episode 14: Blood Moon Night: Halloween is coming and Pinkie Pie wants her almost Halloween party to be a success, but not if a group of vampires come out every blood moon night to corrupt her party and turn her guests into their own kind!

Episode 15: Komodo the Liar?!: Komodo has been acting weird lately and Lief and the Animal Mechanicals are trying to get him to spill the beans, but he keeps on lying and learns that lies hurt more than the truth.

Episode 16: Sasquatch the Brain: Sasquatch uses a thinking cap to make him smarter so he can pass the geography test and stay in the basketball team, but his new smart powers are going out of control!

Episode 17: The Secret of a Teenage Witch: A 16 year old girl named Sabrina has moved to Hub City with her aunts and her cat. Soon the Hub Squad discovers her deepest secret: She is a half human and a half witch!

Episode 18: Dreams Can Come True!: Lief and the gang discovers that there's another element in the Elements of Teamwork: the element of dreams, which Sabrina possesses it. Now Enchantra and her son, Shinji, is after her new powers and the Hub Squad must protect Sabrina and her dream element.

Episode 19: Cute-A-Thon!: The pets and the ponies enter a cuteness contest to see who is the cutest, cuddliest, and adorable little pet or pony, but after the contest goes too far,the pets and the ponies learn that winning anything important to their hearts' desires can't be anything.

Episode 20: The Mystery of the Missing Page: Komodo and Lief help Twilight find the last page in the History of the Crystal Empire book.

Episode 21: The Last Laugh!: Walter bets Dennis that he will go a whole day without laughing after getting really annoyed by his laughter, but when Dennis' laughs go missing after a whole day, Walter becomes guilty and now the Hub Squad must find them before Dennis becomes a sad sack.

Episode 22: Librarian Twilight: Komodo starts to become love strucked about Twilight's new look and behavior, which starts to piss off Sasquatch.

Episode 23: Komodo's Egg-cellent Adventure!: Komodo's mother has laid some new dragon eggs, which means he's going to become a big brother when they hatch, but meanwhile, King Darkoa the king of the Dark Dragons, steals the eggs and now Komodo and his friends must get them back before they hatch.

Episode 24: No Boys (And Girls) Allowed!: Mouse grows tired of the boys vs girls games because the girls always win every game and brag about winning anything, so she goes into the forest and finds an old treehouse on a willow tree and makes a club out of it for her own, but she realizes that her club is very lonely.

Episode 25: Great Cat-atitude!: While helping Sabrina with her aunts' birthday, Komodo discovers that her cat, Salem, who is actually a warlock who is working with Enchantra, is trying to wreck the party, and must stop him from making Sabrina hate the human world. Soon, the two become rivals.

Episode 26: La Llona's World: When Fluttershy is "pony-napped" by La Llona (aka, the Weeping Woman), Lief, Komodo and Sabrina must work together and use their elements of light and dreams to save her and the other children from the Weeping Woman.

Episode 27: It's What My Element is Telling Me!: Lief reads a spell and accidentally switches his friends show titles and element. So he must try to switch them back.

Episode 28: Halloween Party Night!: The Hub Squad gets the Hub High's Halloween Dance Party ready for Halloween, but Count Puss n Bite and his zombie cats crash the party and now Lief and his friends must save both the party and Halloween.

Episode 29: Komodo's Not So Funny Halloween Prank: It's Halloween,and every year Komodo, who may be the elemental dragon prince, is always easy to scare and is always called "Scaredy Dragon." So this year, Komodo is determined to turn the tables and scare everyone at Walter's Halloween party. So, with some help from four ghosts of the murdered children from an old abandoned school called Heavenly Host Elementry School, Sachiko Shinozaki, Yuki Kanno, Ryou Yoshizawa, and Tokiko Tsuji, Komodo devises what is sure to be the scariest costume ever, but his plan doesn't go as well as he hopes when everyone laughs at him and worse of all, Yoshikazu Yanagihori appears to wreck the party! Now he and his new friends must stop him and save Halloween or the party will become a bloody corpse party.

Episode 30: The Dark Forces: The Dark Forces of Spooksville decides to use the powers of darkness to haunt and control Komodo who possesses the element of light.

Episode 31: The Elements of Seperation: The Dark Forces have cursed the Elements of Teamwork and turned them into the Elements of Seperation. Now, Lief, who now has the Element of Seperation, must find a way to lift the curse and bring his friends and the elements back to normal.

Episode 32: The Ghost of Edgar Allan Poe: Komodo does some research on Edgar Allan Poe for his homework and and goes to his old abandoned mansion, but as he enters, he starts to see illusions of Edgar's past and hear some blood-curdling screams. Soon, he comes face to face with Poe's ghost and blade fights with him.

Episode 33: Wolfified!: The Littlest Pet Shop Pets have been affected by the new pet food that turns them into "Wolfied Pets!" Soon, the pet food spreads and everyone's pets are all wolfified. Now it's up to Sunil and Vinnie to overcome their werewolf fears and find the antidote to save all their friends, but first they must go to the factory and find out who is responsible for the trouble.

Episode 34: Felines and Fashion: Star Shine begs for Unicorn to enter her in a reality television series based on a beauty pageant for cats. What starts of as enjoyable starts to consume Unicorn, who becomes driven by winning the pageant, much to the dejection of Star Shine.

Episode 35: Shahrukh's Second Chance: Sharukkh returns to Littlest Pet Shop and all the pets are really annoyed by his bossy demands, but Sunil is the only one who will give his look alike another chance to change and tries to become his first friend.

Episode 36: The Pets' New Cutie Marks: Twilight Sparkle casts a spell on the pets and gives them cutie marks on their shoulders to symbolize their talents.

Episode 36: Switching and Twitching: Blythe accidentally switches the pets' talents with a spell she finds in an old book while helping Twilight organize her books in her library. So with some help from Buttercream and Sugar Sprinkles, she finds a way to switch the pets' talents back and save the day.

Episode 37: Sugar Sprinkles' Sugary Paradise: Russell, Vinnie, and Sunil believe that Sugar Sprinkles has no home except the Sweet Truck so they invite her to live in the Littlest Pet Shop and give the daycare a sugary sweet makeover.

Episode 38: Spring and Summer Sunshine: The gang heads to South Carolina on their spring break vacation while Penny Ling finds an injured mermaid at Myrtle Beach and they must help her heal and get home safely.

Episode 39: Escape from the Largest Ever Pet Shop: Scout Kerry and Madame Pom are trapped in the Largest Ever Pet Shop. So Lief and the Hub Squad must find a way to bust them out and also help Tiger escape as well.

Episode 40: Littlest Eds: Russell, Sunil, and Vinnie walk in Ed, Edd, and Eddy's shoes while playing Truth or Dare but it starts to get on both everybody's and the Hub Squab decides that "Enough is enough!"

Episode 41: For Your Prince Only: After Vinnie discovers that Komodo is a prince, he spends most of his time with him and treating Komodo like a prince which drives him crazy and causes Sunil to become jealous.

Episode 42: Numbut iPad: Vinnie gets an iPad and spends most of his with it than his friends which starts to shut them out and waste his time playing outside.

Episode 43: Bad Netiquette Stinks!: Vinnie receives a nasty comment on his blog in his iPad and soon the bad netiquette starts spreading around Hub City. So the Hub Squad must figure out who is causing it.

Episode 44: Fashion of Doubts: Blythe beings to have doubts of becoming a fashion designer after the Biskit twins ruin her latest fashion design, but Strawberry encourages her to not stop dreaming.

Episode 45: Hub Power!: Dennis and the Hub Squad are sucked into a comic book world and must defeat a more menacing supervillian in order to escape.

Episode 46: Record Madness: Walter becomes jealous when Dennis breaks the menacing record for making the longest black bike streak. So he decides to break his own record, but ends up breaking his own bones!

Episode 47: Rita and Runt Get A Home: Strawberry Shortcake decides to adopt Rita and Runt since she feels bad them not having a home.

Episode 48: Wolf Children: While on a trip to Japan with the Hub Squad, Komodo becomes friends with a girl named Yuki and a wolf named Ame who both have the same secret: They can turn into wolves!

Episode 49: Jawbreaker For Not: Russell, Vinnie, and Sunil fight over a single jawbreaker they found floating on a river bank. So Lief and the Hub Squad decides to end this with a little magic.

Episode 50: War On Walter: Vinnie thinks that Walter is treating him and the Littlest Pet Shop pets badly so decides to get revenge on him with Russell and Sunil's help.

Episode 51: Bark Week: It's not Shark Week! It's Bark Week and all the dogs are barking with excitement this week to celebrate!

Episode 52: Parents Just Don't Understand Day!: Dennis and his parents swap each others lives this Parents Just Don't Understand Day! While Mum and Dad are trying their best with pranks and bad habits, Dennis tries to do his Mum and dad's things.

Season 5 Episodes Edit

Episode 1: Prince Komodo (Part 1): Prince Komodo is busy adjusting to his new dragon wings and new role in the Elemental Dragon Lands when his parents and grandfather go missing, and so do Princess Marillia and Princess Marina. Meanwhile, his friends are all having unusual troubles of their own and it will take all of them working together to help find the missing royals and dragon royals.

Episode 2: Prince Komodo (Part 2): The Hub Squad and The Animal Mechanicals need to put the rest of the puzzle pieces together to find Komodo's parents, grandfather, and Princesses Marillia and Marina before it’s too late. Their journey becomes even more dangerous when they must travel deep into the heart of the expanding Blackthorn Forest and learn stunning news about the Elements of Teamwork.

Episode 3: The Celestial Blade and the Scarlet Scythe: Komodo's parents give him a beautiful and powerful weapon called the Celestial Blade that will protect him and his friends from enemies and darkness. But meanwhile, Dusk Shadow returns from the anime world and receives a dark and dangerous weapon from the Dark Dragons, the Scarlet Scythe!

Episode 4: Castle Night Marina!: The Hub Squad all head to Marillia and Marina's old castle, each of them with a different reason for being there, but soon, strange stuff starts to happen and the Hub characters start to believe that the castle is haunted.

Episode 5: Walter the Menace?: Walter and Dennis touches a rare relic that switches their personalities. Now Lief must use the relic to change them back to their normal selves.

Episode 6: The Winter Garden: Jasmine plants a cold seed in the castle gardens and the garden turns into a winter wonderland, but soon, the flower starts to overgrow and freeze the whole place.

Episode 7: The Fight Sprites Return!: Enchantra makes more friendship bracelets with more fight sprites for Friendship Day and makes everyone argue and fight like irriated idiots. Soon, Lief can't take it anymore and loses his anger that gets everybody to stop!

Episode 8: Minka Gets Light Power: Minka takes Komodo's element of light and starts playing with it's magic, but after playing with it too much, she loses it to Walter who mistakens it for a birthday present for his mother and now it's up to Minka to get it back before Komodo finds out that it's gone.

Episode 9: Good Ol' Pepper: When Pepper's idol, Old Bananas catches laryngitis, Pepper must help him with the show because you know what they say, "The show must go on!"

Episode 10: Fast as Fearsome!: Mouse wants to be the first one to carry the Hub Island flag at The Hub Games, but after some hurtful remarks from Walter and his friends, Mouse wants to do more than just carry a flag.

Episode 11: Christmas Hub!: Lief and the Hub Squad celebrates Christmas in the Hub City Shopping District! Meanwhile, Santa Claus sprains his ankle, which means he can't deliver any presents! Now it's up to the Hub Squad to save Christmas before it's too late!

Episode 12: I Was A Teenage Vampire Fruit Bat!: When someone or something starts sucking juice out of people's apples, Lief and Twilight discovers some fangs in Fluttershy's mouth which means she is still a vampire fruit bat! Now the team must work together to cure Fluttershy with another reverse spell before the Hub City Apple Faire in ten days starts.

Episode 13: Pony of the Shadows: Twilight grows tired of hearing this silly story of the "Pony of the Shadows!" So she goes inside the princesses' old castle to prove that it isn't haunted by any pony of the shadows, but when the real and actual "Pony of the Shadows" kidnaps her, Lief and the Hub Squad must save her from it's clutches.

Episode 14: Mega Milkshake!: Sasquatch challenges a famous milkshake maker to a milkshake making contest, but first, he and his friends must find the perfect ingredients to make the ultimate TruMoo chocolate milkshake or otherwise he'll lose the contest and quit his job.

Episode 15: Walter's Change of Heart: Lief and the Hub Squad tries to help Walter gain his change of heart by showing him the true meaning of teamwork and friendship, but he still has a lot to learn.

Episode 16: Komodo's Chocolates Are Everywhere!: Komodo and his mother makes chocolates for everyone this coming Valentine's Day. Meanwhile, Enchantra tries to ruin the Hub City's Valentine's Day Carnival by making the candy rotten, the rides more scarier than romantic, and turning the toys into monsters.

Episode 17: Spring of the Dragons: Komodo is in charge of getting the preparations ready for the Elemental Dragon Lands Spring Festival, but he learns that he can't do it alone when things get messy.

Episode 18: The Prince and the Horse: Komodo befriends a wild but majestic golden Morab horse at a waterfall and names him Majesty. He then decides to take him to the Hub City Stables where he'll learn how to ride and care for Majesty, but Komodo finds out that he and Majesty will be competing with Walter and his new white horse, Shakespeare in the Hub City Horse Competition. So they must work together to beat them.

Episode 19: Horses Under the Weather: When Komodo and Majesty arrive back from riding, they discover the other horses becoming sick from a terrible sickness and they must go find a cure for them before they suffer.

Episode 20: Sasquatch Stinks!: Pepper accidentally sprays Sasquatch while playing and now he can't get the stink off, no matter how many baths and showers he takes.

Episode 21: Never Lose Hope, Lucky!: Lucky's hope is tested when he and the Pound Puppies are on a difficult mission to get a puppy to a lonely jailhouse kid at a prison, but no matter what they try, they keep on getting caught.

Episode 22: In Your Shoes: Komodo and Sasquatch walk in each others' shoes to see who's life is more tough.

Episode 23: Doggone Cog: Komodo enters Cog to a dog contest, but after some discouragements from Walter, he tries to get Cog to become more better than the other dogs but after Komodo pushes him too hard, he ends up hurting his feelings and learns a lesson himself after Cog runs away to the forest.

Episode 24: Straw-Breezie Shortcake: The Hub Squad discovers that the Breezies home is being littered and polluted by toxic and garbage and it's up to them to clean it up. Meanwhile, Strawberry Shortcake has to help Fluttershy take care of the Breezies but it won't be easy.

Episode 25: Flutter Mouse Music: When Fluttershy loses her voice, Mouse must take her place by eating the Poison Joke Flower that changes her voice to a Fluttershy tone.

Episode 26: Have Faith, You Menace!: Dennis puts his faithfulness to the test when he and Dan venture into the Everfree Forest to get some samples from the swamps for a school project and end up getting lost again.

Episode 27: Betty's Pretty Pimple: Betty gets a pimple on her nose and tries to get rid of it before the Hub High beauty pageant, but then she learns that she still looks beautiful even with a pimple and then wins the pageant.

Episode 28: Clownfishing Around!: Yawp and Dander's plans for Dennis's birthday, as well as their reputation as super duper party animals and comedians, are put in jeopardy when another party animal who is actually a clownfish comes to town.

Episode 29: Blythe Takes New York: Blythe gets into a fashion show competition in New York against her old nemesis, Judy Jo.

Episode 30: Happiness Takes Over: Wakko decides to help Pinky and the Brain rule the world but learns that happiness means not only helping others but also protecting his friends after he learns that Pinky and the Brain almost tried to trick him.

Episode 31: April Foolin' Fool: Pepper plays pranks on everyone in Hub City this April Fools Day. But her friends plan to play a bigger prank on them and she learns that there is a difference between a good joke and a bad prank.

Episode 32: Revenge of the Noctura-Beasts!: The Dark Forces and Enchantra join forces to make the Noctura-Beasts more stronger so they can haunt the Hub Squad's dreams. Now Komodo and Sabrina with the elements of light and dreams must save their friends from their nightmares with some help from Jessie who is also trapped in the dream world as well, but it won't be easy when they have to face their own fears.

Episode 33: Elements Out Of Control!: Russell, Vinnie, Sunil, and Pepper are given four string bracelets that give them uncontrollable elemental magic. Sunil is ice and water, Vinnie is earth, Russell is fire, and Pepper is air.

Episode 34: Vinnie's Unlucky Day: When Lucy the black cat comes to the Littlest Pet Shop daycare camp, falling objects and painful accidents start to happen to Vinnie which makes him think he is starting to have bad luck whenever he sees her walk pass him.

Episode 35: Mango Going!: Blythe and the Hub Squad, along with the Littlest Pet Shop pets, go to the Philipines to find designs for Blythe's new fashion line. Meanwhile, Vinnie, Pepper and Sunil finds a mango tree and Pepper befriends a fruit bat named Berry who lives in the mango tree.

Episode 36: The Merry Marylands: Lief and the Hub Squad head to Maryland. There, they meet a baby deer named Daisy who leads them to a magical place in the middle of Maryland's forest.

Episode 37: Twilight's Friendly Chaos: Twilight Sparkle's friends and old friends from Canterlot argue over her while she tries to get them to get along, but finds it really harder than she thinks.

Episode 38: Strawberry's Love Connection: Strawberry helps a hateful cockroach confess his feelings to Miss Ladybug for whom he has fallen in love with. Then, she learns to help him confess his feelings from his heart.

Episode 39: Lief Life: The Super Secret Pup Club begin taking advantage of Lief's fame as a King of Deltora to become popular at school.

Episode 40: A Brain Freezing Headache: Guy's sincerity is put to the test when an ill Cold Finger interrupts his quality time with his favorite rock star.

Episode 41: Quit Clowning Around!: A circus comes to Hub City where there is nothing but clowns. While getting some popcorn, Robbie and Twilight meet a young clown who is actually a boy named Chris who was trapped in the circus on his 13th birthday and has been trying to escape for years. Now while Robbie is trying to help him escape by overcoming his fears, the Hub Squad must stop the clowns before Hub City is Clown-I-Fied!

Episode 42: A Case of the Russells: Sunil and Vinnie trick Russell into thinking he has caught an unusually disease while they mess with a grounded Diamond Tiara.

Episode 43: Jump for Faith: Sunil and Vinnie's honesty is tested when a new energy drink appears to give everyone super speed and super strength and Plucky the ability to dive down deep.

Episode 44: Easter Sing-Along Sunday: Everyone celebrates spring with some karaoke and a sing-along party at Hub City Mansion, but when Zoe loses her voice after singing too much, Russell must take singing lessons to save the party.

Episode 45: Surprise! Surprise Vinnie!: The Hub Squad helps Sunil plan a surprise party and present for Vinnie's birthday while the pets make the mango and fly cake.

Episode 46: Showing Them the Magic!: When Sunil's parents come to visit Littlest Pet Shop, Sunil disguises himself as a doctor but learns to let his true talent out to show his parents that it's his true dream.

Episode 47: I'll Trade You For This: Friendships are tested when a trip to the Acme Acres Traders Exchange goes wrong!

Episode 48: Blankey Bye Bye: While helping Lief get a kiosk for the Hub City's International Friendship Expo, Buster trades away his old baby blanket and learns that charity can also mean giving away something to help someone.

Episode 49: Ghost Spectatcles: Lief loses his eyesight and gets a new pair of glasses, only to realize that they have the power to help him see and hear ghosts, but what's worse is that he can't take them off

Episode 50: Lief's Destiny (Part 1) : Princess Marillia chooses Dain over Lief to help track down a villain in Hub Island.

Episode 51: Lief's Destiny (Part 2) : The royals of Hub Island transfer all of their magical power to Lief in hopes of saving Hub Island and every other worlds.

Season 6 EpisodesEdit

Episode 1: Lief's Latest Project (Part 1): Lief is majorly stressing about the upcoming International Friendship Expo and his concerns increase dramatically when he's asked to do a photo shoot for top Hub City magazine, Friendship Times.

Episode 2: Lief Latest Project (Part 2): Lief finally makes it to the Friendship Expo, but Montanna Max sabotages him at every turn, making him think his nightmares about everything going wrong at IFE might actually be coming true!

Episode 3: The Good, the Bad, and the Witch: Sabrina makes a double of herself so she can spend both of her time with her friends and her aunts, but her double starts causing chaos and Sabrina gets the blame.

Episode 4: Vinnie in Wrenly Land: Vinnie reads The Kingdom of Wrenly books and finds himself transported to the kingdom. There he meets Prince Lucas and Clara and goes on an adventure with them to find a magic gem that will lead him home.

Episode 5: Double Mischief: Sunil and Vinnie are blamed for causing "mischief" when two shape shifting rebels take their places. Luckily, Lief and his friends make a plan to clear their names.

Episode 6: Sunil Loses His Mind: Sunil begins to have nightmares and hallucinations after watching Corpse Party with Vinnie for too long.

Episode 7: Jungle Jeopardy: Berry the fruit bat asks the Hub Squad to help him save his jungle from being cut down by Ronald Grump who wants to make the trees into more elevator buttons and turn the jungle into a mega mall while Sunil, Pepper, and Vinnie do their best to protect Berry's home in their favorite mango tree.

Episode 8: Play It Again Platypus: Minka befriends a duck billed platypus named Platty and wants to learns how she uses her sixth sense.

Episode 9: Littlest Grossology: Sunil and Vinnie imagine what it's like to be grossologists like Ty and Abby when they buy a Grossology kit and start to act like them, but when the grossest villains attack Hub City with pus, insects, scabs, barf, fart, and more gross things, it's up to the new and Littlest Grossologists to stop them while Sunil puts his friendship with Vinnie to the test when he becomes jealous of his bravery and risk taking actions.

Episode 10: Night of the Dreamcatcher: The Hub Squad heads to summer camp and Lief tells everyone about the camp legend of a mysterious creature who feeds on bad dreams that appears to be true after a cabin Blythe and the pets were in have a recurring nightmare involving a perplexing monster's incomprehensible attacks.

Episode 11: Inspiration Magic-festation: When Sunil loses his magician mojo, it's up to Vinnie get it back, but instead of helping, Vinnie turns his best friend into a monster!

Episode 12: My Sweetheart Kitty: Vinnie tries to get Sunil to break up with Deliah after growing tired of him paying attention to her than Vinnie, but then another cat comes to the daycare and Vinnie quickly falls for her until he realizes that this is causing a rift between him and Sunil.

Episode 13: To Catch An Article: Komodo becomes the new editor of Hub High's school paper and wants to write an article about some big news.

Episode 14: Masquerade Mayhem: Unicorn and Mouse helps get the masquerade ball ready. Unicorn wants to make it ocean and mermaid themed but Mouse wants a garden and fairy themed masquerade ball instead and the mechana-girls get into a fight which drives everyone crazy.

Episode 15: Gotcha's Breezie Gems: Gotcha Grabmore kidnaps the Breezies and uses a machine to turn then into living belt buckles, earrings, necklaces, hairpins, and shoes. She also kidnaps Rainbow Dash and turns her into a brainwashed super model. Now with Seabreeze's help, Fluttershy must save his friends before they're all sold out...tonight!

Episode 16: Villain-Tine's Day!: Villains are roaming around Hub City because it's every hero's least favorite holiday: Villain-Tine's Day! which is like Valentine's Day except this holiday is filled with evil and hatred.

Episode 17: You've Called?: Blythe receives a mysterious video sent on her cell phone from a girl named Steffani repeating "Let me out!" over and over. Realizing that she needs help, the Hub Squad travels in the Internet to save Steffani from Mrs. Biazevich.

Episode 18: Teenage Fairytale Dropouts: Twilight meets some three new friends who are named Trafalgar the nephew of Merlin, Jeremiah the son of the giant from Jack and the Beanstalk, and Fury the daughter of the Tooth Fairy. Each of them are struggling to have their own identities so she decides to help them.

Episode 19: Unicorn Behavior: Lief and Twilight assist to unicorn-sit a baby unicorn named Kissy Twinkle Toes who can burp out rainbows while the teenage Fairytale kids are on a school trip.

Episode 20: Mixed Nuts and Bolts: After failing a test for the first time, Komodo loses his confidence and knowledge and decides to skip school forever! Now it's up to Princess Twilight Sparkle to screw his bolts back on.

Episode 21: Barf On!: Someone or something has contaminated Hub City's drinking water and it's got everyone puking, including the gagless gecko, Vinnie!

Episode 22: Memorial Day Fashion Scene: Blythe decides to design some Memorial Day outfits for her friends this Memorial Day!

Episode 23: Monster Blood Strikes Again!: Dennis finds a container filled with strange green goo called Monster Blood and uses it for his pranks and gags, but as they go too far, the Monster Blood starts to mutant animals and humans and it's up to the Hub Squad to put a stop to it, but it will take more than a few containers and vacuum cleaners to fix this mess!

Episode 24: Vinnie's Invitation: Vinnie puts his loyalty to the test when gets an invitation from L-Zard's crew saying that they want him to join them.

Episode 25: Spike-A-Thon: Spike gets a holiday of his own after helping his friends with the fire and other stuff.

Episode 26: Happy Fartor's Day!: Fartor plans to ruin Father's Day with some gift burritos that gives dads the toots! Now Lief and the Hub Squad, along with the littlest grossologists, Sunil and Vinnie, must stop him before Father's Day stinks (for real)!

Episode 27: Magical Lovebirds: A love matching game pairs Trafalgar with Fury and everyone starts spreading rumors about them being in love with each other.

Episode 28: Penny Ling At Your Service!: Thinking that the boys are feeling left out every time she and the girls go out for the night, Penny Ling decides to give them some company.

Episode 29: The Prim Twins: Pinkie Pie and Rarity gives the Grim Twins a glamorous makeover.

Episode 30: Trafalgar's Sick Day: When Jeremiah and Trafagar have a falling out, it's up to Lief and Fury to figure out how to get these two best pals back together again.

Episode 31: Summer Pet Party Blowout!: Cashmere and Velvet are having a first day of summer party just for pets. But there's just one problem...only rich pets are invited which gets Cog really pissed off. Now he and the other pets must confront them to get to the party.

Episode 32: Cashmere's First Crush: After Vinnie saves Cashmere from a falling accident, she suddenly falls in love with him and Penny Ling decides to help her. Meanwhile, Velvet tries to snap her sister back to normal.

Episode 33: My Merry Marigold: Majesty develops a crush on a new female horse named Marigold at the stables

Episode 34: Attack of the Mutant Mosquitoes: The Scab Fairy returns and this time she has some help from an army of little but mutant mosquitoes and mostly Insectiva. Now Sunil and Vinnie must stop them from ruining the Hub City Summer Barbcue Party.

Episode 35: Fox Mechana Search: The Animal Mechanicals head to Mouse's home, Mechana Mouse Island, to find out the problem. Only they find a Mechana fox named Fox who has the ability to search for things.

Episode 36: Mechana Grand Prix: Mouse receives an invitation to race at Mechana Grand Prix Island to compete in a race. But the most winning champion, Cheetah decides to get in her way. However, Mouse has some secret weapons: her friends!

Episode 37: Sunnie Nelva: Vinnine accidentally turns Sunil into a female mongoose while trying to do a spell, and instantly becomes love strucked! But therefore, learns that he must change him (or her) back.

Episode 38: Invasion of the Centipedes: Mr. Tru revitalizes his restaurant to cater to adults, but when all of the adults in the town sprout antenna and talk like robots, he finds that he might need the help of his former customers to save the city.

Episode 39: Click It Again!: Dennis buys a new remote control when the old one breaks. He then learns that it can control more than the TV, but when it runs almost out of batteries, he finds himself trapped in a dark world along with a boy named Seth who suffered the same fate and now they must work together to escape by finding some new batteries.

Episode 40: The First Day of Horror!: Dennis struggles on the last day of Summer and the first day of school. So Lief tries to make it look more fun for him. 

Episode 41: Return of the Pumpkin Heads: While in an old pumpkin patch looking for pumpkins, the rumors about some teenagers disappearing seemed to be true when Blythe and the pets disappear without a trace.

Episode 42: Zombie Cakes: The Cakes and Pinkie Pie plan a special Haunted Hub Halloween Party for everyone tonight, but the Dark Forces plan to ruin the party by adding some zombifying season to the cake and cupcakes that turns everyone at the party into mindless zombies. Now Pinkie Pie, Lief, Komodo, and Twilight Sparkle, along with the Cake Twins that they need to protect must find the antidote before Hub City is invaded with zombies!

Episode 43: Servelings: Twilight and her Canterlot High friends have to help convince the Dazzlings to keep a set of three servels they got just for one day.

Episode 44: Apple Fly!: Applejack feels left out since her friends can fly with wings or a flying machine and Komodo and Lief decides to help her make flying wings of their own, but her built in wings gets her into trouble.

Episode 45: Step Vinnie: Vinnie pretends to be Sunil's little brother after seeing Sunil being humiliated for being an only child, but Sunil learns that he's not the only only child who tells a fib.

Episode 46: Fright-Day the 13th!: It's Friday the 13th and everyone's having bad luck! As things are getting more unlucky, Lief and the Hub Squad are asked to go on a journey to find the pot of luck at the end of the rainbow!

Episode 47: Filli's New Friend: Fluttershy is in charge of watching Filli while Jasmine and Kree help Lief and Barda on a quest to defeat a hydra.

Episode 48: Neridah's New Pet!: Neridah adopts Robbie's little friend, a Dusding, which is a six-eyed rabbit-like creature. But she doesn't know how much trouble her new pet causes when it starts eating things and lays dangerous eggs filled with surprises.

Episode 49: The Element of Determination! (Part 1) : Tirek is back and he's not only hunting for ponies' magic, but also wizard, witch, warlock, and superhero powers. So Merlin decides that his nephew, Trafalgar must stop him.

Episode 50: The Element of Determination! (Part 2) : In order to save his friends and the magical powers, Trafalgar must sacrifice his own magic to Tirek which will help Trafalgar find the key to opening the new chest of the Tree of Teamwork were he will gain new powers more better than ever!

Season 7 Episodes Edit

Episode 1: Hub Map (Part 1): Lief and his friends unlock a magical map in his new castle, which leads them to a rather mysterious village where the inhabitants have given up their show titles.

Episode 2: Hub Map (Part 2): The Hub Squad attempt to retrieve everyone's show titles as well as their own. In the process, they discover a startling secret about the person who took them away.

Episode 3: Castle Is Where the Heart Is: After finding out that Lief has been avoiding his castle, his friends try to make it feel more like home.

Episode 4: Spike's New Wings: Spike becomes sick of the other dragons making fun of him for not having wings. So Twilight decides to cheer him up by giving him a new pair of wings that unknowingly seem to have a mind of their own.

Episode 5: Go To the Dance But Keep Dennis: When Dennis learns that Strawberry Shortcake is taking a Dain to the Lunar Moon Dance Night instead of him, he goes to extreme lengths to prove that he isn't jealous.

Episode 6: Discord's Birthday Surprise: Fluttershy wants to throw Discord a surprise party because it's his birthday today!

Episode 7: Scoop of the School Year!: Komodo writes an impressive story for Hub High's school newspaper and it has everyone reading it like mad! Too bad Fisher Biskit can't read it since he's not a student so he disguises himself as a student to read it, but the kids have put him to a test.

Episode 8: Sugar Rush!: Strange new candy at the Hub City candy shop has everyone going hyper and Lief must put a stop to it before the whole city is in a sugar rush!

Episode 9: Pets To the Rescue!: With their owners gone for a mission, Gnasher and his pet friends will party the night away, but when their owners get captured, it's up to the pets to rescue them!

Episode 10: Walter and the Lost Treasure: Dennis, Curly, Pie Face, Gnasher, and Guy have conflicting ideas of fixing a problem after being called by the map, but meanwhile, Walter accidentally becomes a stowaway and learns an important lesson while on this journey.

Episode 11: Dander For the Defense!: Dander befriends a mouse named Rodney who needs his help of taking care of his kids while he goes off to find food.

Episode 12: The Healing Stone!: While in the jungles of Arizona, Blythe finds a strange glowing stone and a sick jaguar to was healed by the stone after Blythe places it on him. Soon, she learns that someone might want the stone and must hide it from them!

Episode 13: The Ultimate April Fools' Day Prank: Sunil, Vinnie, and Pepper spread the word around Hub City that they are planning the ultimate prank on Russell this April Fools Day. Russell, Zoe, Minka, and Penny Ling then devise a spy network to stop them.

Episode 14: Inner Menace!: Walter tries to prove to Dennis and his friends that he too can be a menace.

Episode 15: Timber the Timber Wolf Puppy: Apple Bloom and Wakko Warner becomes friends with a timber wolf puppy they named Timber who was lost after a tragic wild fire. Therefore, the Hub Squad must rescue his parents who are captured by hunters who want to turn them into coffee tables.

Episode 16: Pooch Parlour: Strawberry and her friends help a girl named Abi and her aunt Tiffany in their dog salon called Pooch Parlour to wash and groom dogs or puppies to earn money and save the salon from closing.

Episode 17: Not Your Majesty!: Amy wants to buy Komodo's golden horse, Majesty, but he refuses so Amy plans to take him out of his stable and Komodo and the gang must find a way to save him.

Episode 18: The Stolen Diamonds: Someone has stolen some legendary Equestrian diamonds that says to have magical powers and SheZow takes the blame.

Episode 19: Pin and Bolts: Betty and Blythe join the Girls' Fashion Club to design the ultimate dress. Then they learn that they should put the dress upside down, which means redesigning it.

Episode 20: Half of Life: With The Hub Squad busy battling a monster, the rest of Hub City scrambles to make it to a wedding on time.

Episode 21: Trafalgar's Wand: After finding out that Trafalgar has been avoiding his new wand, Twilight decides to help him.

Episode 22: Zombie Gas!: A strange green and stinky gas in Hub City has everyone turning into zombies, which the Hub Squad must put a stop to it before Hub Island is infested with zombies!

Episode 23: Unicorn the Flirt: Unicorn gets a makeover from a new makeover shop to impress Rex, but things get worse when her new look transforms her in a very bad way.

Episode 24: Prince Sasquatch: While Komodo is off to the Elemental Dragon Lands for a family reunion, Sasquatch is tasked in making sure that Komodo's chores and homework are done and that nothing bad happens, but the power goes to his head and he begins making important decisions in his name, with disastrous results.

Episode 25: Getting the Band Back Together!: Lief tries to help Komodo and the Animal Mechanicals form their band, Mechana-Magics back together so they can sing in the school concert tonight.

Episode 26: One Stomp For Giant's Kind: Jeramiah begs Sasquatch to take his place on Stompa-palooza.

Episode 27: Miss Fortune!: When Sabrina opens a fortune cookie to find a magical fortune, she finds herself being cursed by the fortune cookie's fortune!

Episode 28: Something Is Haunting Hub High!: Komodo, Trafalgar, and Fluttershy aren't exactly the most popular of kids, so no one thinks much of it when they go missing. However, when Lief is rendered invisible and untouchable by one of Komodo's inventions he finds that he must work with them to stop the haywire machine from turning Hub City into a ghost town!

Episode 29: Fury Tales: Fury tries to write her own story for her Creative Writing Class, but can't think straight. 

Episode 30: Who's The Fairest of Them All?: Mouse volunteers to play as Snow White in the Snow White play tonight when Sabrina sprains her arm.

Episode 31: Beach Bummer!: Summer is finally here which means it's time for the Hub Squad to kick off and relax at the beach, but just as they thought that this summer would go out as planned, Strawberry finds a magical seashell that turns the Hub Squad's day at the beach into an awesome adventure under the sea where they find a hidden mermaid kingdom and meet Shyanna, Rachel, and Cora!

Episode 32: Shyanna and the Dolphin: Shyanna Angler finds an injured dolphin and asks the Hub Squad to help her and her friends to heal it and then bring him back to his family.

Episode 33: Mouse; Mechana Pied Piper: Mouse learns a new song from an old flute music page and when she plays the tune, something magical happens! Flowers begin to grow and the music soothes everyone who are fighting with each other.

Episode 34: Water Works: During a hot summer day, the Hub Squad heads for the water park to cools off. But something strange happens when the water disappears!

Episode 35: Escape From the Hospital: When Rex hurts himself after lifting too much, he is sent to a hospital that seems to be haunted.

Episode 36: Opposite Day: Everyone, except Lief, has turned into their actual opposites and only Lief, Walter, Amy, the Biskit Twins, Evil Earl, and Montanna Max can destroy an invention made by Komodo.

Episode 37: O Father, Where Art Thou?: Lief visits his father's grave in the Land of Deltora this Father's Day and relive the times they had together when Deltora was corrupted by the Shadow Lord.

Episode 38: Topped With Strawberry: Strawberry Shortcake embarks on a journey of discovery to save an important summit gone wrong.

Episode 39: Toxic Waste Time!: Montanna Max dumps toxic waste in the river and turns any animal or human who drinks it into mutant monsters, including Lucky who has grown two heads and is mistakened for a Cerberus.

Episode 40: Night Mare!: Komodo and Majesty come face to face with Shinji and his new Pooka horse, Night Mare, but Majesty becomes discouraged and the Hub Squad gang must try to get him back to his senses again.

Episode 41: Dream Team!: Princess Marina enlists the Hub Squad to hunt down a magical force that turns dreams into nightmares.

Episode 42: Tie-Dye's the Limit: The Hub Squad and the Magical Friendship Club must work together to make tie dye shirts for the Hub City's Summer Marathon.

Episode 43: Flirt-A-Tosis: The Hub Map sends Princess Twilight Sparkle to Equestria to help Princess Celestia who is infected by some strange virus that has made her too flirtatious and soon the virus starts to spread all over Equestria and only Twilight and her friends need to find the cure before all of Hub Island is affected.

Episode 44: Going Bats!: Lief befriends a bat named Shade while taking his afternoon walk in the Everfree Forest and meets some other Silverwing bats. Just then, Gotcha Grabmore and Ronald Grump have teamed up to tear down the forest and kidnap all the bats to make them into bat barrettes. Now it's up to the Hub Squad to help Shade and Marina save the day.

Episode 45: Pollution Solution: Neptunia is getting covered in oil and Shyanna needs the Hub Squad's help to clean up this mess before the whole ocean is polluted!

Episode 46: Pipe Up!: Lief finds some musical pipes in his mailbox that has special and magical powers whenever he plays them, but when Walter find out about this, he steals the pipes and as he plays it, the tune becomes a disaster.

Episode 47: Blythe Style Boutique: Blythe's dream of owning a fashion shop of her own finally comes true, but it comes at a price she isn't sure she's willing to pay.

Episode 48: Dennis, At Your Service!: It's Career Day at Hub High and every student is given a job to do after school. Everyone is excited, all except Dennis who would rather have fun than work. So Strawberry tries to make his career fun when he is force to work at her cafe.

Episode 49: Return To Horrorland: While reading some new Goosebumps Horrorland books, Lief finds a letter calling for help and pieces of a map of Horrorland to put together. Now that he and the Hub Squad have put all the map pieces together, they'll have to go back to Horrorland to rescue whoever needs their help and avoid the horrors of Horrorland!

Episodse 50: Dance Til You Die!: Strawberry Shortcake accidentally gives Plum Pudding a pair of cursed dancing shoes from an old vintage shop and if she doesn't help her get them off, she might exhaust herself... to death!

Episode 51: Lief Bites Back!: When Amy sees Lief transform into a bat with his bat pendant, she mistakens him for a vampire and starts spreading a rumor all over the school. Now Lief and his friends must prove that he is not really a vampire and just a boy with a bat pendant that turns him into a bat.

Season 8 Episodes Edit

Episode 1: Chrysadence Awakens (Part 1): Cadence is possessed by Queen Chrysalis and with her taking control of her body, the Hub Squad will have to work together to defeat her without hurting her.

Episode 2: Chrysadence Awakens (Part 2): Chrysadence is one step ahead of taking over Hub Island and the Hub Squad's only hope is Princess Twilight Sparkle's niece, Flurry Heart.

Episode 3: Bunnybutter: Babs Bunny bends her legs and does the Bunnybutter dance.

Episode 4: The Denmakers Go To Hubwood!: After going to Hubwood to have everyone hear their songs and become "stinkin' rich", the Denmakers became a pop band, and it's all Lief's and Jasmine's fault.

Episode 5: Escape From SlappyWorld!: Lief and the HubSquad are sent to SlappyWorld only to find that their old enemy, Slappy the Dummy, has set a trap for them, and not only do they have to work together to escape but to watch out for things that are not always what they seem!

Episode 6: Gormiti Arise!: Dennis and the Hub Squad must help the Gormiti restore peace to their island home and save it from the evil fire Gormiti.

Episode 7: Revenge of Slappy's Son: Walter makes a deal with Slappy's son, not knowing that he is about to face trouble that will can his life forever! Now Dennis and the Hub Squad must help Walter cut off the deal before it's too late!

Episode 8: Eggcellent Omelette!: Strawberry Shortcake wants to learn how to to make the ultimate omelette rice in Hub City.

Episode 9: Montanna Owns the Treehouse!: With the help of a suspicious deed and some money, Montanna Max seizes Lief's treehouse and claims it for his own.

Episode 10: The Hub Squad Handshake!: Sabrina and Guy have invented a new handshake for the Hub Squad, but Lief has one problem: he doesn't know how to do the handshake!

Episode 11: Rise of the Green-Eyed Monster!: A beautiful green haired, green eyed exchange student has an affection for blondes and plans on going with Lief to an upcoming beach party. It's up to Jasmine and Neridah to discover their new rival's secret and save Lief from her clutches.

Episode 12: Battle of the Bands: Strawberry and her Berry Bitty City friends write a song to their friends to teach them that winning a battle of the bands is't everything when they all enter the battle of the bands.

Episode 13: No Strings Attached: A puppeteer has come to Hub City to put on his puppetshow, but when people begin to disappear at night, the Hub Squad finds out that the puppeteer is turning them into his puppets and must figure out how to stop him and change everyone back to normal.

Episode 14: Bats For Coming Along!: Lief joins Shade, Marina, and the other Silverwing bats on a migration around Hub Island while the Hub Squad follows them to their new hibernation roost.

Episode 15: Welcome to Hub City, Starlight Glimmer!: Starlight Glimmer comes to Hub City to stay with Twilight. Then, when she meets the Hub Squad, Twilight begins to worry if her friends might like Starlight more than her.

Episode 16: Thorax Finds His Puppy: Lucky decides that Thorax should have his own puppy when he notices how lonely he is for a new leader of the changelings.

Episode 17: Little Shoebox of Horrors!: Robbie accidentally releases the seven deadly sins from a secret box he thought was his shoebox and now the sins are taking over Hub Island, unless the Hub Squad stop them and bring them back to the box.

Episode 18: Den-Tora Quest!: Dennis borrows Lief's Belt of Deltora without Lief's permission. When Dennis accidentally loses it to Walter, he must try to get it back before Lief finds out.

Episode 19: Teen Isn't Your Color: Mouse wishes that she can grow up as big as her friends, so when she drinks Sabrina's puberty potion, Mouse grows up into a teenage Mouse.

Episode 20: Love At First Night: When Komodo's childhood friend, Rosabelle, transfers back to Hub High, Komodo begins to have this weird feeling around her. Then, Komodo tries to figure out if he has feelings towards Rosabelle.

Episode 21: Chefs Lief and Jasmine: While Barda is out to run some errands, Lief and Jasmine try to make lunch and dinner together, but when they can't get the recipes right, they invite their friends over to help them.

Episode 22: The Missing Olallieberry Rhubarb Surprise Recipe Mystery!: Dennis and his friends try to figure out who stole Strawberry's famous Olallieberry Rhubarb Surprise before deliveries start in two days.

Episode 23: ShePow and DudeZow!: Mega Monkey Brain swaps SheZow and DudePow's brains, and now the two heroes must learn to work in each other's bodies before Mega Monkey brain swaps anyone else.

Episode 24: Journey To the Black Hole!: Robbie and Betty must work together to explore the black hole and find a missing robot there, but it turns out to be a trap set by their old enemies.

Episode 25: Ice Cream Heart!: Pinkie Pie meets a new pony named Ice Cream Heart while getting some ice cream for the Cakes' new ice cream cake, but when Pinkie Pie starts spending time with Ice Cream Heart, she starts neglecting her old friends.

Episode 26: Babysitters Dennis and Lief: Lief and Dennis help Princess Twilight Sparkle babysit her niece, Flurry Heart, and Dennis' baby sister, Bea. But chaos strikes when Dennis makes explosive baby food that causes extreme flatulence.

Episode 27: Weber's Family Reunion: Sunil and Vinnie are invited to Weber's family reunion and Weber and Vinnie are excited to meet all the spider family members, but Sunil just can't seem to overcome his fear of spiders.

Episode 28: Strawberry's Birthday Bash!: Dennis must learn to think about others than himself when Strawberry Shortcake's birthday is coming up soon, but Walter wants to spoil Dennis' surprise for Strawberry unless the Hub Squad stop him, Burdley, and Dudley.

Episode 29: Sweet's Missing Glasses: Sweet Grape has misplaced her glasses last night after Strawberry's sleepover and Strawberry decides to help her find them while Sour keeps her sister out of trouble.

Episode 30: Mirror, Schmirror: Lief's evil reflection, Dark Lief, returns and sends Lief into the mirror world while he spends all his time in the real world, causing trouble! Now, Dennis, Jasmine, Barda, and Guy must travel into the mirror world and save the real Lief before Dark Lief takes over his life!

Episode 31: My Lovely Ember: Komodo meets Spike’s old friend, Ember, and falls in love with her, but making him question his feelings for Rosabelle.