Enchantra is the main villainess and antagonist in the whole series. She constantly tries to make Melanie's life in
Melbourne insufferable and unbearable enough for her, Melanie, to live in Witch World permanently in fear that all of her own immense magical power and strength will be gone forever if Melanie does not choose to have her only child and son, Shinji, as her king willingly.

She is an extremely powerful sorceress of great strength at increasingly higher magic-levels. Her innate magical aura is colored crimson red just like her son's. In order to prevent any illness and disease, she uses hand-sanitize whenever she can. In the twenty-fourth episode, Chariots of Fear, she has Melanie and Calvin take the journey of ten thousand steps until they find their way back to Witch School. She intended for them to form a bond of friendship and romance by finally working together as a team, but had failed once again. She did not appear in Episode 25, as she was on a cruise to the rivers of blood.  

She has a power-mad older sister named Yolanda, who manages to banish her to the human world in the season one finale. It was revealed that she, like Melanie, had been a klutz when she was much younger. In her much younger years, she was in the same classes with Sunny and Dummy, but hardly ever talked to them, as she mispronounces their names, which annoys Dummy.

Personality and Traits Edit

She is a very cold-hearted, cunning, manipulate, devious, and selfish sorceress of tremendous magical potential and abilities, considering the fact that Salem is afraid of her and that she desires to become queen of Witch world if Melanie does not wish to live in the magical world permanently and marry Calvin of her own free will. If that occurs, this witch will lose all of her tremendously strong mystical powers as a sorceress/witch. She is confirmed to be the scariest witch of the magical, mystical realms; due to an incident summoning the most terrifying creature; as proven in A Renewed Sense of Magic.

In Episode 23, Who Let the Cat Out?  Enchantra had said that she was going to raise her level of evil to ensure that Sabrina willingly chose to live in Witch World; no matter what it would take.

Trivia Edit

  • She is a main character throughout the series.
  • She used to teach various types of magic and witchcraft, but was gladly replaced by Professor Giest.
  • She harbors an intense sibling rivalry with her elder sister.
  • She is the Magic teacher of Hub High

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