Diamond Tiara is a snobby, conceited school-age Earth pony filly and a minor antagonist who first appears in Call of the
401px-Diamond Tiara ID S4E15
Cutie. She and Silver Spoon are classmates of the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

Personality Edit

Diamond Tiara is generally depicted as being rude, shallow, stuck up, sarcastic and nasty. Her closest (if not only) friend appears to be Silver Spoon, who often acts as a follower and is usually seen by her side. She sees those without their cutie marks as inferior and tauntingly refers to them as "blank flanks". Despite the Cutie Mark Crusaders often being the subject of her ridicule, she will try to "befriend" them if something is in it for her, as seen in Twilight Time. She also encourages their stories in Ponyville Confidential but later resorts to blackmailing them.

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